How the Walker Sisters Became Walker Studios

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Headed into 2020, I wanted to get back to basics here for a minute. We have so many new friends, new followers, new clients. And while we have great about me pages (humble brag, amiright?! Just kidding). Maybe you haven’t heard the story of how our brand has actually evolved in the last eight years.

They say business isn’t personal, but in our case, it is (in the best way possible!).

A quick bit about us, a synopsis if you will—We started Walker Studios because we knew that there was something special about how we could use our passion for visual storytelling, to enrich lives.

We started with family shoots, knowing preserving family memories (and making mom get in front of the camera for once!) would mean so much for generations to come because we wanted the same for our families. Having photos of our grandmother to look back on, since she died when I was six, is special. Having baby pictures of ourselves to show the kiddos in our lives now is hilarious when they say “you were a baby too?!”. I started accepting Barnes and Noble gift cards, because I felt weird accepting money, and (hopefully) we all know, I’m a book nerd. But quickly word of mouth took over and Amy said “Let’s join together and start a business!” so I said sure. She has a knack for pushing me out of my comfort zone 😉

Then one day a friend asked us to shoot her wedding. We said yes, with a little hesitation, but quickly fell in love! We left that wedding day knowing being invited in to an intimate story like a wedding day was a gift. In providing clients with photos of their love stories we were able to capture the start of brand new family history.

Once we got the hang of it and booked more amazing weddings (thank you early couples for trusting us with your memories!), we stopped focusing on only getting the “perfect” shot and started focusing on shooting the moments, the memories, the glances that would be passed down for years. Wedding clients started coming back for newborn photos, and then more family sessions, and yearly for Christmas card sessions. We were so excited, it was coming full circle. Love stories, family histories, becoming stories we told for years through our friendship with out clients! We truly were building the #walkerstudiosfam.

Fast forward to 2018 and we got to thinking. Sure, wedding days and families have great stories we can preserve. It’s definitely where our heart lies, after all, we like to say #webelieveinfamily (check it out on Insta, you’ll find half of the photos are ours!).

There was more to storytelling though.

We realized we had trained ourselves to see the stories in everything. This seamlessly opened up another way for us to serve with our photography. We branched out to personalized brand photography. Meaning we now also work with small business owners to get their brand story across in their brand images. Every business started with a reason, a passion, a mission. We love working with entrepreneurs to turn that reason into a story, told through personalized headshots and product photography.

We’ve met some amazing business owners, tried some awesome products, and have even been able to give back by volunteering our time shooting for amazing places like Massaro Farm, where we hope to continue to tell the story of small town farms.

So here we are, heading into 2020 officially able to say that we’re 50/50 love stories to brand stories and we love it 🙂 Our hearts still beat for newborn cuddles and wedding day nerves, but our minds dream and swim with ideas when we meet a passionate person behind a small business.

Photography has been an amazing way to blend our two talents to serve you. With Amy’s art background and my English major, you know everything will be covered from the styling of your shoots to the storytelling of the images. (Also my perfectionist streak really helps with editing and Amy’s love for socialization helps with client communication!). Add in the fact we’re sisters and I don’t know if you could find a better photographer team to understand why having visual stories documenting your history is so important.

We do this for you. We do this for our own kids.

We do this for the sake of legacy.

<3 Kay & Amy

November 24, 2019

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