Tiffany & John // A Woodsy Engagement Hike // Stratford, CT

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Rounding out our three engagement session weekend, we have Tiffany and John! The scenery was just as perfect as the last two. We love when couples suggest beutiful places!

Did you see that? …up above… those COLORS! Yup…NEW ENGLAND I’ll never leave you. (I know you’re not supposed to say never..but honestly…probs never leaving.) Tell me you want to hike through the woods and I’m there. Tell me there is a pond, and thick brush we have to maneuver through. Tell me there is a rock at the top with a huge crevice down the center of it…and I’m there. We’re there.

We believe in trekking deep into the forest to be magically transported through a black hole into another realm. We believe in hiking boots, Levi jeans, and cozy red sweaters. We know its the adventure that makes the memory, the experience that creates the story, and the company with you that makes you want to do it all over again.

Perhaps almost as excited as I was…John led us up the hills, through golden painted trees to find this rock that had been split in two. It was one of my favorite moments. Not just because this rock was pretty rad, but because John was invested in these photos, and definitely in Tiffany. 😉 The way he looks at her can not be erased out of my mind. That genuine laughter they both shared with each other, echoed across the mountain that day as they took this engagement stroll through the woods with us.

They are perfect.

As perfect as this sun gleaming through the trees when John wrapped up Tiffany in the sweetest embrace I’ve seen in a while.

And as perfect as this beautiful stone fireplace…just hanging out in the middle of the park. It was meant to be a part of our shoot. John and Tiffany cozied up in front of it, and although no one came to stoke the fire, they seemed to be warm and cozy under that blanket.

(Also, apparently “cozied” is not a word…but seeing how many times I use it throughout our engagement shoots, it has become part of our vocabulary, and therefore is allowed to be written in our blog.)

Tiffany and John -you kept me laughing the whole time. I cannot, cannot, cannot, wait to see what New Years Eve has in store for us this year…I’m pretty sure I’ll be attending the greatest party ever!

-Amy (and Kay)

October 24, 2017

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