Tiffany & John // The 2017 New Year’s Eve Wedding

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Hey 2017!! I’m not done talking about you yet! Get back here for one more blog post…
Yes. I did just begin this post with a conversation with last year. Always room for something new right?… as well as something borrowed and something blue? Heehee.

Well, last year (funny saying that because it’s only been a couple of weeks) ended with quite the party. New Years Eve was spent with our new friends Tiffany and John, and all their family and friends of course. We started off our glittery day at Luscious Salon in Shelton, CT…which was nothing short of luscious -there were glittering chandeliers and sparkly lights all over this place, which perfectly accented the amazing hair and makeup they did on Tiffany on her ladies. Even the littlest one enjoyed being pampered in the salon throne.

Meanwhile, at the hotel- John was getting pretty snazzy too. Check out that perfect pocket square. 😉

Kay did her magic thing of making hotel windows look so glorious by hanging Tiffany’s magnificent gown up for show. The anticipation for the first look began to build as the ladies dressed in navy helped Tiffany with the final touches. And the flower girl insisted on showing us how great her dress twirled as she spun around.

Then it was time. My favorite time. As the one that typically “follows” the groom throughout the day, the moment when he sees his bride for the first time is my ultimate favorite. All morning I am trying to figure out what kind of face he is going to make when he sees his beautiful lady. This reaction…below…is just perfect for who I know John to be. He’s a perfect mix of goofy brilliance and madly in love. As Tiffany walked up those stairs he could help but peak a little bit over his shoulder and then broke out in the most magnificent grin.

The Peabody Museum in New Haven, CT was the host for the first look and some bridal portraits.

Aren’t they just the cutest! 😉 And isn’t that architecture amazing! If it wasn’t in the single digits outside we could have done all of their portraits right in that spot! 

On that note…a big shout out to The Study at Yale in New Haven for letting us take some portraits in the Penthouse. With the city of New Haven as our backdrop we were able to warm our noses and our toes, and grab a quick bite from the lounge before heading to the venue for the ceremony.
Arriving at Amarante’s can be compared to arriving at the North Pole. (Because, of course I have experience with that.) Ummm, for one…it was FREEZING! and two, the amount of twinkling lights strung around the building was magical. Finishing off December in a Winter Wonderland can definitely be checked off my bucket list. Tiffany and John braved the cold with us once more for a few more kisses before heading inside.Kay and I began making our rounds as “Detail Documentors”… I know this is not a word…but it seems fitting for what we do…I’m going to run with it (just don’t tell Kay or she’ll whip out her English degree on me.)

BUT AGAIN WITH THESE LIGHTS! I’ve never shot a Christmas tree in a reception room before, but man I’d do it a thousand times more. It seriously takes tables photos to the next level. And of course no gallery is complete without a well-balanced ring shot. Finally, it was time. Time for Tiffany to meet John at the front of the room, for the most important moment of the day. I wish I could have bottled up all the joy in the room and saved it for a rainy day, but it would have been such a big bottle there would be no way to carry it home. Friends and family were beaming as Tiff and John locked eyes and said “I do.” And rightly so, because these two are meant to be together. The new Mr. and Mrs. made their way to the dance floor and everyone gathered around to watch these two sway together. A beautiful toast was made by Tiffany’s Aunt, Maid of Honor and of course the Best Man too. I love being able to peek inside our bride and grooms lives by listening to their closest friends describe their personalities and passions in life. Each and every one makes me smile ear to ear, I can only imagine how their families feel hearing all these wonderful things about them. With a VERY graceful cake cutting, Tiffany and John shared the first slice and  a kiss…before opening up the dance floor to a parade of funky moves, noise makers, and New Years antics. Don’t forget the countdown to midnight, sealed with a kiss!

I cannot thank you enough Tiffany and John for letting us close out the year with you. This was INDEED the BEST New Years Eve party we have ever been to! Congratulations on tying the knot, and enjoy every New Years as you have the best anniversary date everrrrrr!

<3 Amy and Kay

This day was pulled off by the help of these wonderful vendors!

Florist- Flowers from the Farm

Hair/Makeup – Luscious Salon

DJ – Local Motion/Geoff Pusko

Venue – Amarante’s

Cake – Petonito’s Bakery

January 26, 2018

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