Snowy Engagement in the Wintry Woods

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Oh hey! Yesterday was the first day of Spring! Whoo hoo! That means I’m here staring out my window at the snow falling, covering all the grass around me…icy, winter air blowing through the gaps in the door frame. Yes, This is spring in New England, a surprise every time it arrives. Haha. So, in order to gracefully accept the fact that spring means snow…I’ve decided to gracefully acknowledge the weather around me and give you some beautiful snowy goodness to look at today.

This was taken in actual winter…a few weeks ago…but amazingly still looks similar to what we have going on today. We cancelled this shoot because the weather channel said snow wasn’t happening then as soon as we woke up in the morning I had an email from Jenn saying “LETS GO!” So naturally Kay and I said OKAY! And this magic below is what happened.

Snow, upon snow flakes, upon fluttering crystals of frozen water. Okay I know you know what snow is…but did you know it could be this beautiful!?

I may have helped the snow fall off the tree a bit on that photo above…BUT what I did not tell Jennifer and Matt to do is fall deeply in love. They brought that magic all on their own. It is super adorable how he holds her so close, how he began a song and dance so perfectly in the middle of the quiet woods.

And how he so perfectly dipped her back into a kiss, like they had practiced a million times over.

Jennifer and Matt wanted a snowy, woodsy engagement shoot and MAN? Did we get just that or what?!

I’m excited to show you the epic bridge also, right in the middle of the trail at West Rock Ridge State Park, near the Eli Whitney Museum. We’ve traversed it many a time since we were kiddos, and when Jenn asked for a bridge in their engagement shoot Kay and I immediately thought of this one. It was -if I dare say the word again- perfection!

With a little sunshine and a covered bridge we ended this shoot with an extremely gorgeous silhouette taken on the edge of a snowy wood. Thank you thank Jennifer for calling me that morning and getting me out of my pajamas and into the snow. I couldn’t be happier with how these turned out and seriously cannot wait to have more fun with you two on your wedding day!

<3 Amy and Kay

March 21, 2018

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