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Don’t let your iPhone tell you otherwise. 😉 Really though, I’m a victim of it as well…you know -all that storage space they offer you. The Cloud…the 64GB iPhone I got, just to make sure I always had room to take a picture when my kiddos were doing something adorable…and then 6,000 photos later I realize I haven’t dumped my photos onto my computer yet or even given them a second glance. Are you that person? I used to be…and sometimes still fall into that groove of snapping photos and believing they are magically stored somewhere. Until, I changed my perspective on printing photos…when my hard drive crashed, and with all that “solid technology” and even the efforts of my computer genius of a father…I lost 1,000’s of photos. I admit, I couldn’t remember every photo that was lost, but I could remember the highlights…and thinking about how the past year of my life (as known through my photos) was gone from history. My children would never know what happened to me in 2014. Okay, that may be a bit dramatic…because Facebook has a timeline for me that year heehee…but really, the quality on that site can’t even be printed to a 4×6 without having to squint through pixelated colors. Oh, and want a spoiler alert?…Facebook MOST LIKELY (not placing bets here) will NOT be around forever. 

I can’t say it enough. The newest computers don’t even have USB ports anymore…CD’s, and External Hard drives have fallen to the wayside…while some cloud, who knows where, is holding all your info. I’m an artist…a visual person if you may…so excuse me if I get a little wary thinking about an intangible storage device. HAHA. But, there is one thing that has not been lost over all these years…the Photo Album. The one that holds all the photos from my parents wedding, the album that holds all the photos of me playing in the pool at Bestemor’s house long before I even knew what a camera was, oh and that photo album I made from my summer working at Camp Spofford where I met all my best friends and won a pretty sweet costume challenge dressing up as all the characters from Batman. These photos hold so much more memory then any single photo on my computer. Do you know why? Science. According to science your senses “touch” and “feel” are stronger than any other sense, including your vision. Touch brings out emotions and desire. When you hold a photograph in your hand you are stepping back in time and revisiting the moment that was captured. 

Think about your wedding album for a moment. Would you like your children to search through folders of photos and documents on your computer only to find half of your wedding photos and then set them up on a slideshow on their 15 inch laptop, at 2 seconds an image, to view? Then once they are done they copy them onto another hard drive that is stored in their office until one day it no longer works?
When you decide to have kids one day, and you pull out your album for them to see your wedding photos, what story do you want to convey to them? What do you want them to know about you?
I want them to hold my album in their hands and study the vivid colors of my bridal bouquet discovering how much I love the warm colors of summer. I want them to stare at the pages filled with our family pointing out the huge smile on Daddy’s face as I started to walk down the aisle. I want them to flip through pages of family and friends all overflowing with joy on our wedding day, knowing that the most important part of our day was being surrounded by these people. All of these emotions are so easily missed when scrolling through the files on your computer.

Make your memories real.
Make them last.
Make them a frequent conversation piece by having them PRINTED and able to be shown at a moments notice.
Make an album. 

We believe in having photos to pass down to future generations.

We believe in afternoons spent around the coffee table, flipping through memories of days gone past. 

We believe in preserving history. 

My hopes for this blog post are for you to realize your memories matter. In order to preserve your memories, make them real. Make them tangible…PRINT them. I hope you go out and do this with your photos…print those canvases, make those albums, share your stories.

If you need any help in designing your legacy, we are happy to help. Contact us and we’ll find an album or print package that suits your needs; and if its your first time ordering an album through us you’ll receive a special discount. Shoot us an email for pricing and additional details. 



June 1, 2017

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