Nicole & Bill // July 8th, 2017 // Aqua Turf Club, CT

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Nicole and Bill were married on July 8th on one of the most beautiful Connecticut summer days! Every detail was gorgeous and perfect, thanks to Nicole’s self-proclaimed “OCD” tendencies that came into play planning the wedding 😉 When we first met these two we KNEW we needed to be their photographers. They were cheerful, excited and TOTALLY in love. When we’re choosing our #WSBrides we are looking for that groom that can’t take his eyes off his lady. That bride that giggles from deep within her heart every time he plants a kiss on her cheek. We’re looking for that love that flows through every vein in their bodies, never ceasing, never ending, never faltering…and these two are just that pair. They’ve been together for YEARS…seriously…it’s been a while, heehee, but no time was wasted because you can tell each year has made their bond grow even stronger. Just browse these photos and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  

Those details I mentioned?…ON POINT…Every. Single. One. Check out the golden shoes, the lace dress, the glitz of her jewels…and those shades (If you know me I’m a sucker for a good pair of sunglasses.) Bill did not dissapoint either…with his three piece suit of pristine white he pulled off a bit of James Bond with Gram by his side making sure his vest was buttoned correctly. Because actually…we got a few good laughs due to the fact that he missed one. 😉 Mike stepped in quickly filling the best man roll and helping him out with the final touches of his suit, in turn Bill helped him with his. Hahaha. Honestly though, I might research WHO invented bow ties…and why…

A few rooms over the excitement was growing even more as Nicole stepped into her gown for her ladies to see. The veil, the garters and the jewels were lovingly attached to this bride one by one bringing us even closer to that magical moment of perfection. And at that moment Nicole’s dad walked into the room and although he didn’t say much you could tell by the smile on his face that he thought she was the definiton of perfect too. 

Nicole was super EXCITED through the whole ceremony, with a laugh that lights up her whole face. In photos where you thought someone might have told a joke…Nicole was merely reveling in the joy that came with her wedding day. Their story began with two people locking eyes in the reflection of a rear view mirror, where both their lives steadily began to grow together. Now on this day their lives were officially to become one, now and forever. With Nicole’s infectious smile, and Bills quiet tears as his bride walked down the aisle, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that these two were meant to be together. 

I mean…Look at that photo above…tell me that isn’t the realest emotion you’ve ever seen! 

Fast forward to the party bus….everyone grabbed a drink, their sunglasses and gave a huge congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Piacitelli!

When we arrived at Aquaturf Club we instantly stole away to a quiet moment under the gazebo. The sunlight danced around their smiling faces and to them the humidity outside didn’t mean a thing. They are married and gorgeous, and in love…and the ground around this place never ceases to disappoint. After a lovely stroll among the flowers and the signature windmill photo complete we rounded up the bridal party to make a few more group memories before heading in to the party. 

Into “Kay’s Pier” we went (Funny enough because Kay likes this room best. heehee) and we were instantly hit with a gorgeous array of matching details filled with pinks and golds! The whole room glittered, everywhere you looked! 

And speaking of sparkly things….these rings. <3 We LOVE them. 

Mr. and Mrs. Piacitelli made their grand entrance in to the ballroom and received a complete standing ovation to which Bill expertly dipped his bride into the perfect kiss before they started in on their first dance together as husband and wife. Engulfed in a circle of fog these two spun around the ballroom without once taking their eyes off each other. THIS is what makes me swoon…when I see a bride and groom surrounded by 100’s of family and friends, yet in that moment the whole room is quiet and all they see is each other and their future together. 

No reception is complete without toasts from lifelong friends; complete with favorite stories in their pasts, making that first slice into the most elegant cake you’ve ever seen, and those dancing photos that will either be hung on the wall for years to come or hid away as blackmail for somewhere down the line. Hahaha. This party was going long after I left, and I have a feeling it never really is going to stop. Everyone here made this wedding become the amazing event that it was. I’m so glad I was a part of it.  

Thank you to all the friends and family of Nicole and Bill for putting on an amazing dance party that made my job easy. 😉 

And Congratulations to you two for tying the knot, saying “I Do” and inviting us to be there with you. 
~Amy and Kay~


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July 21, 2017

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