Meet the Walker Sisters

This isn't just our business, this is also our story. From late night business brainstorming, laying flooring in our new office until nine hour car rides and twelve hour wedding days, not to mention all the meetings over gallons of coffee, we are so thankful to be living out our own passion. We still can't believe we get to work side by side, playing a part in preserving your story.

Yes, we're sisters, But we're also best friends. The most important thing we share is a love for capturing stories through our photography.

- Amy

- Kay

With three little girls growing quickly, one already being sent off to school on the bus in the morning, I'm only too aware of how quickly moments pass us by. I started this business before my first was born in 2013, but after she was placed into my arms on that hospital bed, everything changed. Not only did it increase my passion to be invited into other's lives to help them preserve their precious, fleeting moments but I realized she (and her other sisters) are looking up to me now.
I want to show them that waking up to serve others, every single day, is a gift. I want to prove to them that memories matter. I want to explain how an experience can mean so much more than a thing. And this is why I take pictures. I wake up every day ready to demonstrate what following your passion looks like <3

Before I married my husband I thought I cared about the "big" moments. The things worthy of an album, But after meeting him, I realized I care so much more about the little things, the moments in between. The way he looks at me. The Saturday morning snuggles. The way he strums his guitar. 
Now that we have our first daughter, and especially since we had to wait a while and eventually ended up going through IVF, the small moments mean so much. I want to capture every memory to one day share with her. 
It's why I care so much about your story. No one can take all the photos, even I hire photographers to get me in front of the camera. If I can help even one person realize their story deserves to be preserved then I will have lived out my calling. Luckily for me I get to do it every day, for so many more than just one person.

Notes from Us

We love hanging out and getting to hang out with you too? That just sweetens the deal.


IT STARTED With Family.

This is Bestemor (that's grandmother in Norwegian). She died when we were both under the age of 9. We didn't get to grow up with her, We didn't get to have her at our weddings. We don't get to introduce her to our babies.
But we do have photos to remember her by. We can show our kids. We can talk about her and remember the summers at her pool. She can't fade from memory when we have these little moments forever preserved for us. (Thanks mom, we owe you for all the photos you took of us).


Then it grew into more.

The idea of telling our kids (who now swim at their Bestemor's pool) about our summers together instilled a passion in our hearts to help other families relive their stories through photographs. But as our business grew, we found we wanted to tell our story. The story of two sisters who decided to start a business doing something they loved. Suddenly our brains were dreaming up ways to help other businesses tell their stories so the world could see the passion behind their brands. Visual storytelling became our mission.

Which brings us to where Walker Studios is today

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