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When I say fine prints, I don’t mean those teeny tiny words that people try to sneak into the ends of their marketing schemes and late night emails.

Im talking about PRINTS…fine art prints…fine and oh so lovely prints of you, your family, your friends…probably most definitely your dog also. I’m talking about the prints that you have framed on your wall, the prints collaged into albums on your coffee tables and bookshelves, the prints that are shoved in stacks and drawers because they’re no longer hanging but you also don’t dare to ever throw them away.

…wait…what?…you dont have any albums on the coffee table?…
You don’t have any pictures of you in frames?….

Now THAT is some fine print that needs to be addressed. I know what day and age you live in -duh, because Im in it too- but that is no excuse. With all the things we can do from our phones now, you can take those beautiful photos you have and drop them in an order to get some photos in your hands TOMORROW! Im serious…Walgreens DOES still have one hour photo…but I can get some glorious printed papers in your hands in two – three days time also. (It’s who ya know.)

I recently printed ALL my fav photos from my cell phone of this summers adventures…and Im telling you; pulling those 4×6’s out of that envelope and holding them in my hands made my heart burst with joy all over again. And every day I walk out into the front room I don’t have to scroll through to find my favorite, I don’t have to double tap it or pinch it to zoom in on that smile – I CAN PICK IT UP – and stare at it, and smile at it…and share it with friends WHILE ALSO talking to them and looking at them IN REAL LIFE.

Its a crazy concept I know.

So now that we’ve had this nice little heart to heart I want to urge you to up the amount of printed photos in your home. Let your kiddos carry them around and crinkle them up. Let your niece kiss it until you’re unsure if the photo was blurry or its banana residue from breakfast. Switch out the photos in the frames that now have dust on them…because that means you have not updated them recently. (And, Im definitely not judging your dust…because I dont dust, so we’re friends here.) And if you absolutely have no idea where to start -IM HERE TO HELP! Send me an email, a text, a DM and let’s get your home ready to share, to favorite, and to save with your next in home visitor that comes by.

I’ll even do one more thing for you…because we are heading into the season of thankfulness and giving. If you have any current galleries with us log in, add your photos to your cart and use the coupon code BlogPrint20 to get 20% off your order. And then please please please let me see those beautiful photos you ordered. Tag @walkerstudiosllc when you print them, frame them, hang them and my heart will be able to grow another three sizes again.

Love from me and my fine prints,

November 9, 2022

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