Jordy & Greg // Gedney Farm Wedding // May 27th, 2018

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Okay Jordy and Greg…settle down onto your couch, cuddle up with your fur babies and some cool drinks. Heck…everyone do the above because whether you know this lovely couple or not, their photos are worth “ooing” and “aahing” over. This post is chock full of images because this day was SO FULL of amaaaaaazing-ness. You won’t be able to stop scrolling.

First fun fact: This wedding was at Gedney Farm…you know that GORGEOUS wedding we did there two years ago?…well we eagerly jumped at the opportunity to venture out into the Berkshires again, as soon as I read that email that said Gedney Farm I jumped on the phone to talk to this bride to be. Jordy, or Jo as her family affectionately calls her, talked about her family and the house they have had in the Berkshires all her life. Growing up in the woods, with close-knit neighbors, family, and friends -everything she talked about pulled at my heartstrings. And then when she began to tell me details she had planned I knew this was a family wedding I HAD to be a part of.

Her details on the day of did not disappoint. The simple elegance of her lace dress with a cascading back line was nothing short of my favorite word- Amazing. Her bridesmaids surrounded her in soft pinks and warm, hazy purples, which complimented all their gorgeous smiles perfectly. Their hair and makeup was flawless and Jordy’s soft curls landed delicately on each shoulder drawing your eyes yet again to the elegance of her dress. (I snuck away for a quick bit to make sure the groom was prepping himself to match the beauty of this bride.)

Not sure anything could top her dress…but Greg certainly snazzed himself and his groomsmen up quite nicely. They were completely ready for the day when I arrived in their suite. Besides a little run around to find the pocket square…which if I may go out on a tangent for a minute here… there is ALWAYS a missing pocket square, honestly more often then not….so -Wedding Tip- bring a spare pocket square…you’ll thank me one day. Luckily, one of Greg’s groomsmen had read my mind before I even had that thought…with an extra one in his car we folded it up and did a toast to the man of the hour -er, the day.

When Greg was ready I prepared to take him outside for his First Look with Jordy. What I didn’t know was that Kay was alongside the bride already doing a first look …with none other then their favorite pooch Addie. I was told she was over the moon excited to see Jordy. She literally couldn’t keep her paws off her. 😉

Outside Greg waited patiently for his bride to arrive. When she did, Jo asked him to tell her when he was ready. Jokingly, Greg then made her wait a few moments longer, until she tapped his shoulder and he spun around with THE greatest jaw-dropping “WOW.” Seriously folks, this moment never gets less beautiful.

We made sure Addie jumped in for a few portraits, which she thought was a big game.

Then, it was time to head inside for the Kabbalat Panim. After thoroughly educating myself on the traditions of a Jewish Ceremonies I was so excited to see it all unfold. Greg enjoyed the Tisch upstairs where family and friends sang, danced and cheered him on before the ceremony, and Jordy remained downstairs where ladies greeted her with well wishes and she offered them a blessing in return. Soon enough we heard Greg dancing his way down the stairs to find Jordy and veil her as his bride to be. After the breaking of the plate, Greg and Jordy both signed the Ketuba- the most beautiful of marriage documents. Gasp, really though, look a little closer, it is so ornate and definitely one of my favorite details of the day.

In every space where something memorable could be found there were wildflowers! (Heart eyes anyone?!) The details were equally matched by vibrant blooms and glowing Edison bulbs. The rain threatened to dim the beauty of the day, but that is not something that can be done in a space as beautiful as this. The chuppah was gorgeously displayed beneath twinkling lights and surrounded by so many greens I felt like we were still outside in the gardens. The ceremony space was just as breathtaking as all the words that were spoken throughout the ceremony.

I do feel like I need to give a quick shoutout here to Crocus and her AMAZING floral arrangements. Her website is linked at the bottom…seriously, there was not a leaf out of place all day.

Greg and Jordy were definitely the stars of the show this day…I mean, why wouldn’t they be? Butttttttt I have to say they had some pretty awesome people by their side as well. Look at these smiling faces below. The amount of support, love and laughter I saw floating around these two on their wedding day could never be bundled up into enough words to fit into this blog post. So I want to say thank you to the parents, the sisters, the friends, and Addie 😉 for taking care of these two all day long. <3

Also…a few more photos of the GORGEOUSSSSSSSSS bride and groom…because that is definitely why we are all scrolling through here right?

*Here’s a riddle for you: What is at the beginning and at the end, more precious than gold but often forgotten, though it can be broken its bond is eternal?
…..A Wedding Ring. *

Honestly though…these little guys that glitter and shine, that fit so snuggly against our fingers all day, all week, all year(s) long…do NOT get enough credit! They’re gorgeous, and deserve to have more photo shoots done. (Now booking ring mini sessions, bring your ring and we’ll supply the flowers!) Heehee…look at these though: Perfection.

***Also, I definitely just made up that riddle. I feel like Kay will be so proud.**

And speaking of little things that mean a lot…we care about the details too. The wildflowers that color the room, the calligraphy on the table cards that tell you you’re family, annnnnnd the desserts that tell your stomach its time to smile ear to ear.

I’m so happy to be able to capture all the little details of the day for our brides and grooms because as fast as your day goes by, I want you to be in the moment. Whatever moment that is, whether it is your first dance as husband and wife, or the moment you are flying high to the ceiling above the sea of people. These are your moments to breathe in. We don’t want you to worry about seeing every decoration before its taken down, we don’t want you to make sure you’re checking portraits off your list of “must haves.” We want you to remember your fathers voice singing as he sways with you on the dance floor, or the excitement of your niece as she jumps into your arms dancing way past the hours of her bedtime. We live FOR these moments so that you can live IN them.

With all the formalities accounted for, the guests of Gedney threw off their shoes and danced until the floors of the barn were creaking. The chairs emptied out as the dance floor filled with some leg shaking, fist pumping, and lotssss of twisting dance moves. Every where I turned was another smile, another laugh, and another memory made.

Greg and Jo I know we were outsiders on this day, but you made us feel like part of the family. You let us into your most special moments and I thank you for that. These pictures will line the walls of your home for years upon years and I hope you NEVER forget the feelings on your wedding day. Enjoy these memories as much as we loved capturing them.

~Amy (and Kay)~


With many many many thanks to these amazing people who brought together Greg and Jo’s vision of a perfect day,

Hair & Makeup: Sonya Heimann
Flower: Crocus Hale
Videographer: Robert at ClearVision Videography
Band: “Radiance,” part of the Wilson Stevens Company
Lighting: John from Bearfly Designs
Gedney Coordinator (our fave!): Colleen


June 15, 2018

  1. Colleen says:

    These photos are so beautiful and expertly capture jo and Greg’s Vivaciousness, gratitude, and warmth. Walker studios, Thanks for being such an integral part of the celebration!

    Hugs and Smiles as Wide as Greg’s when he sees Jo for the “First Look,”
    Colleen @ Gedney

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