Jennifer and Matthew // New Haven Lawn Club Wedding // October 19, 2018

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You know that moment when something instantly catches your eye and you know every surrounding detail is about to be just as epic as that one item… this is exactly what happened on October 19th as these shoes caught my eye.

Elegant. Perfect. Gorgeous. = Jennifer and Matthews wedding day.

Jennifer got ready among her best friends and family. Their smiles were contagious and their hair, was seriously perfect…no other way to describe it actually. heehee. But, honestly I could not find one moment of this day when they were not all showing their pearly whites. Jen definitely picked an amazing bunch of women to stand by her side. Especially little miss flower girl. She may have given her mommy a run for her money in her amazingly fluffy white dress. 😉

Matt surprised me when he walked downstairs, sporting an all black get up in variation to his groomsmen. This was definitely a snazzy choice. Just like Jenn’s unique shoes. The boys got ready at the New Haven Hotel like it was another weekend party. They were cool, calm and collected and ready to get the show on the road.

The church was beautiful, the bride was beaming, and the groom couldn’t stop looking at her. The ceremony was beautifully focused on these two and their love for each other. My heart was happy looking around the room at all the smiling faces so intently watching their every giggle and glance at each other.

And can we all take a minute to look at this little lady and how she all of a sudden decided to be a part of the party with her epic posing. Perhaps she was trying to copy her Uncle…either way, it was pretty cute.

On to the most sparkly detailed part of the blog where Kay shows her mastery behind the lens…and where we all ooo and aahh over the work Jennifer and Matt put into designing their day.

This bridal party… they’ll keep you laughing all the day long. Jenn and Matt definitely chose a bridal party that fit their personalities, and added to the excitement of the day. The Lawn Club was the perfect backdrop for these beautiful people, both inside and out.

If you’ve never visited the Lawn Club before, you’ve never encountered white washed brick quite as elegant as this.

And if you’ve never met this couple before you’ve never quite seen a smile as infectious as theirs.

Sometimes I have an amazing amount of words to describe receptions…from the tearful daddy daughter dances that strike a song deep in your soul, the loving twirls during the first dance, and the hilarious giggles at that first bite of cake. This reception leaves me at a loss for words…not because I don’t have any…but because I have too many. The family and friends at this party loved on these two the entire time, and I couldn’t have had more fun on the dance floor then I did this evening.

Thank you Jenn and Matt for an amazing October evening where we toasted to love, laughter, and happily ever after…and drank some pretty great espresso.

Love, Amy (and Kay)

Shoutout to some vendors of the day:

Reception venue: The New Haven Lawn Club @newhavenlawnclub

Ceremony venue: The Immaculate Church:

DJ: Gabe…. He was great…I just still havent found him on the WWW. 😉

Florist: Agnew Florist @agnew_florist

Bakery: Sweet Marias Cake @sweetmariasbakery

Bridal Shop:

Hair and makeup:

Limo: Paul at Ferrazzi limo services @ferazzilimousineservice

November 6, 2018

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