Gabrielle & Justin // September 15, 2018 // Maine Wedding at The Homestead

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Helloooo friends in Connecticut…all the way up to Maine!! Did you know we have a lot of friends in Maine? Well, now we have even more, heehee. Thanks to Justin and Gabie for letting us hang with them and all their besties on the craziest weather day in September. Crazy…because I woke up to chilly drizzles, then a little before the ceremony the clouds broke and the sun shone down in all its “still summer” glory, and thennnnnn in the evening a heavy fogged rolled in right across the dance floor. So Congrats you two on having a legit New England wedding, where no one really knows what the weather is going to do. At least there was no snow!

Even if there was snow…this day would not have been any less bright. Gabie LOVES pink. As Chelsea said that morning…”I like Pink…but Gabie, well, she LOVES pink.” And yes, friends, she does. Please continue scrolling to find out just how much pink she actually enjoys in her life. The shoes themselves were glowing, the bridesmaids dresses could withstand any gray fog that was to roll in… but the smiles on those ladies- THOSE were the brightest part of the morning.

Before unzipping the bag that concealed the gown Tina and Kay had made a bet… Tina put bets on pink being hidden somewhere in her dress… Technically Kay won…until Gabie put on her shoes…then I think Tina should’ve won? 😉 The sparkling details on this though were magnificent, no additional colors were needed to describe the fact that Gabrielle was indeed a princess today.

I then meandered through the stalls to find Justin, and low and behold found him with none other than a hot pink polka dot bowtie, hand-tied by the groom himself. If you have not ever tried to tie a bowtie is a feat only a true gentleman can accomplish. Justin studied up on this and proved himself worthy.

In another area of the farmhouse Gabie was getting on that epically perfect dress. With the bridesmaids fawning over her, securing every last sparkly button her details were coming together perfectly. And of course, the furry friends needed some new pink leashes as well. Literally, everything was a match.

I walked Justin outside to set him up for the first look with his bride to be. This moment…as you probably know, is one of my favorites. Justin was ready, ready to see her, spend time with her, and dance the night away- so this was the perfect moment to get them together, alone, before the excitement of the day multiplied with friends and family. Even Justin, with as well as he knows Gabie…laughed in shock that she actually had glitter in her hair. He may have realized at this point that he was committing to a life of sparkles and pink. 😉

Hand in hand the groom and his best man kicked off the ceremony followed by the gorgeous bride arriving in style, on her very own tractor ride. Surrounded by pink tulle, and family and friends, Justin and Gabie said “I do.”

From hot pink bow ties to stunning bridesmaids gowns these gents and ladies stood by Justin and Gabie all day in support, love, and full of laughter!

Annnnnnd here is the second most favorite part of the day…the DETAILS. I ran into the tent before the guests to stand in awe at how many hours of work Gabie and the ladies must have put into decorating this place! The sparkles, to the confetti, to the pom poms and lights. THIS PLACE was glowing with PINK. I did tell you Pink was kindaaaa a favorite color right?

When the bride and groom entered the tent the place exploded with smiles. Everyone was so excited for these two as they swirled around the dance floor. Gabie even dipped Justin for a snazzy first dance kiss. 🙂 She then sang the whole song with her father as they spun around, and Justin and his mom were no less smiley as they showed off their twirls too.

I personally laughed my way through some pretty great toasts. Gabie’s dad, the best man, and of course the two sisters/matron of honors aided me in getting to know Gabie and Justin just a tad bit more…and now I really feel like we could be best friends.

After dinner was announced we quickly stole Gabie and Justin into the sunlit trails of the Homestead to grab that golden glow on sunset. At this point Justin honestly admitted his serious face was gone -which made me smile, because I believe the real joy of the day began to shine in their faces as they realized it was official!

Oh, one more minute… KAYS TIME TO SHINE HERE… who would’ve thunk two straws on a stone wall could make some rings shine so beautifully! The setting sun of course added to the glow brilliantly.

*Gasp* Insert amazing mouthwatering smells above* These cookies were PHENOMENAL! And I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that there was an OUTSTANDING candy bar. I for sure, no lie, no jokes, took home two bags of candy…because that just how many bowls of candy there were. heehee. Thanks for the road trip snacks you two!

Before the last bit of sun disappeared we took the last of their formal photos with the glowing sun dropping behind them.

On to the shenanigans of the dancing, specialty cocktails, and glittering lights. For those that didn’t quite feel like dancing, there was plenty of yard games for them to play, including the giant Jenga. 😉

Just kidding!!!! That was NOT the last of the formal photos 😉 Midway through the reception…as the sun touched the horizon line fog rolled across the valley up towards the tent. Justin and Gabie happily followed us into the fog for some romantic fairytale photos like we’ve never taken before.


That’s my word for September 15th, 2018. Epically beautifully, epic colors, and an epic weather spectrum.

Thank you Justin and Gabie for letting us be a part of your epic wedding day.

xo Amy (and Kay)


Ps. We worked with some pretty rad vendors on this day:


Neds Bakes and BBQ  – Oh man…that food. That sweet and spicy and oh so filling bbq (and cornbread!!!)

Maine Mixologist   – Those oh so tasty cocktails and drinks

Sharon Hardy – Wedding day of planner

DJ Deep – music, entertainment, sound party experience!

The Homestsead – the gorgeous grounds that held this EPIC party

September 29, 2018

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