Gabie & Justin // Wells Reserve Engagement // Wells, ME

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On a 75 degree weekend, in Maine, in October…we visited family and friends…played in the woods and at the beach, without getting any form of frostbite. That is usually rare for this time of year. Hahah. At least for me, who can be seen wearing jeans and hoodie in August…so to say this weekend was quite pleasant would be an understatement. We perfectly timed an engagement shoot with Gabie and Justin at the Laudholm Farm at the Wells Reserve. PERFECTLY because the weather -Amazing!- the colors -Ahhhhh gorgeous- and the sunset -Mmmhmm Golden. 

First we visited Wells Beach to take a short stroll with Xena. This princess of a pup was a PRO with her poses. She gave us her paw for an adorable ring shot with her humans and smiled every time we asked her to look at the camera. heehee. Thanks for taking the drive girl, it was wonderful to meet ya. 

Then…we went to the farm. 

And we were blown away by the fall foliage. (Not to be confused with “Foil-age” which my mom-brain has apparently decided to call it on multiple occasions now.) Oranges, yellows and reds surrounded us with every step. As we went deeper and deeper into the woods the colors grew more and more vibrant. If you know anything about us, you know the word “Vibrant” makes our hearts sing like Maria von Trapp on the Austrian mountainside. I mean, come on and scroll through these with me, and just TRY to not drop your jaw in awe! 

Oh…and this bridge above…I wasn’t sure about it as first…because who ever just sits in the middle of a walking bridge? But, these two, made it feel so natural I’m beginning to wonder if they actually do this on their weekends off. 

Fast forward to another path off the main trail…where Kay could’ve sat all evening watching the sun gleam through the trees. 

Often we call ourselves Natural Light Photographers…maybe because we love chasing sunlight for a living?… But perhaps we should change that tag line to Nature Photographers. Haha. As we were walking down the trail, Kay and I both stopped and said “Ferns!” And then began laughing. It’s quite common for us to think of the same things…after spending so much of our lives together…but now as business partners, its guaranteed we will stop you in your tracks for a.) sunlight b.) ferns c.) brunch d.) all of the above. (Okay, maybe not for brunch in the middle of your engagement shoot -but definitely everything else listed.)

Look at these two. Theyre perfect for each other. 

Justin gave Gabie sweet kisses the whole time, and Gabie’s laughter was contagious. And one of my favorite parts was asking these two to climb through the weeds and brush to the perfect field of cottony seedlings and the setting sun. 

And “Oh My!” the setting sun…was straight out of a movies end. As these two twirled around, and gave a final kiss in the golden glow, then making their way up the hill, arm in arm, I could almost imagine the end credits scrolling down the screen in this beautiful resolution of a love story. 

Gabie and Justin…Thank You! Thank you for twirling, and hiking through the woods, and laughing all the way through sunset. Thank you for letting us capture your love story. I cannot wait for your Maine wedding next year when we get to do this all over again. 

<3 Amy and Kay

October 24, 2017

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