Emily & Steven // July 15th, 2017 // Aqua Turf Club, CT

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Emily & Steven are married! Want to find out more about their special day…follow along below and check out all the details, the smiles and the laughter. 

The lace on the dress (Insert emoji with the biggest heart eyes you’ve ever seen..), the sparkle on the belt, and the curls on this bride all pulled together into what you can only compare to a princess in her finest attire. Emily’s details were simple, yet stunning and perfect to match her sweet personality. We watched her transform into a bride and experienced again that massive smile that falls across a fathers face when he sees his daughter all grown up and getting ready for her wedding day. 😉 

Purples have totally been a trend for us this year, and Emily’s color palette was no less appealing. Her mom obviously had it all planned out years ago when she added this Hydrangea bush to her front yard. The colors blossomed perfectly to match the wedding. heehee. 

Surrounded by tons of smiling family and friends we watched Emily walked down the aisle to Steve. You could feel the connection eminating from each soul in the church this morning. They truely loved this couple and blessed their marraige with their presence and well wishes. 

They had a large amount of pastors in attendance this day, family and friends, that all willingly joined Emily and Steve up front to pray for their future together. My mind instantly fluttered to the scripture in Mark 10 vs 9: “Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate.” It was clear here that a foundation has been built that nothing on earth can put an end to. I may have backed into a corner for a minute to clear a few tears from my eyes before this promise to each other was sealed with a kiss. 

Seriously though (look up there…) aren’t they just adorable! 

Then off we headed to Aqua Turf again. A gorgeous sunshiny day, no rain, no snow, just sunny skies and smiles…and I really like those. Heehee. 

In the cool of the shade we documented all the families in their snazzy attire, and of course this lovely bride and groom. It doesn’t get better than that sweet kiss on the cheek (It so real…I didn’t even prompt him to do that. Heehee)

Kay dove right in to photos of the sweet confections and stunning bouquets. My favorite is the mixing of the “icing” of diamonds in a cupcake. I’m beginning to wonder what the jewelers think of these shots…it’s quite different than what they are intended for. Haha. A foggy first dance flowed into parent dances making the whole room tear up ..or at least me… because a Daddy/Daughter dance gets me every time. 

Sisters and best friends filled us in on the amazing characters of Emily and Steve. The hardworking determination in their daily lives that will only help build up the relationship they have started together. As they build their home and lives together they have the full support of everyone in this room as all raised their glasses in a toast to love, laughter, and happily ever after. 

Once the cake was cut and the cupcakes started dancing around the room, the DJ turned up the tunes and smiles broke out everywhere to the beat of some wedding favorites. Everyone swirled around the bride and groom happily celebrating this day in July. 

Congrats on your marriage! We’re so excited for you two and are so grateful that you let us be a part of your special day!

Amy & Kay

July 26, 2017

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