Emily & Nick // The Marginal Way// A Maine Engagement

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Oh man, guys, I am SO excited to share this blog with you today. Not only are we connected to this lady as she’s Amy’s sister-in-law…but they ROCKED it. I am so in love with all the photos we took and I’m practically bouncing in my chair getting ready to show you some of our favorites! Emily and Nick you two are perfection.

We started in the woods, to get some of that fall feel, knowing we would soon be headed to the ocean views on the Marginal Way. We love a good new backdrop and although we’ve walked it for fun before, we haven’t done a shoot there since Amy’s first maternity shoot for Kmay, who is now 4! I was excited for that but had no idea how much I would fall in love with the spots of sun and grass we would find in the backyard. 

Of course, as with most couples, they told us they have never taken “real” photos and they were nervous. I’m pretty sure they had no reason to be nervous. See for yourself! These three were taken within the first fifteen minutes of the shoot:

Maybe it was a little bit of me exclaiming “you’re so cute! this light is beautiful!” or the fact we were all laughing because we were literally sitting on someone’s driveway (haha) but they warmed up right away. So by the time we walked over to this gorgeous sun spot, their natural smiles and super cute love was glowing almost as much as golden hour. 

Now just take a moment to take in all this glory. We could not have asked for a better night. Did I mention it was warm? That is the best for an October shoot!

Then my favorite moment of the night happened, when Nick attacked Emily with love and wrapped her up for a big smooch. It’d only been a half hour and I was already so in love with this shoot! This is why we include engagement sessions in every wedding package. We love getting to know you, warming you up, and figuring out just how you two interact before your big day, so it can be even more seamless of a portrait session then. 

Then it was time to head into Ogunquit, which aside from being a funny name to both say and spell, is a little town right on the coast of Maine. We stopped at the beautiful white bridge before crossing over to the Marginal Way and I couldn’t get enough of the sunlight streaming through. Emily had mentioned how all she’d been finding in stores was maroon sweaters. We’re so glad she had her mom pick up a yellow one because it went perfectly with the location and light!

While we have lots of water in CT, there’s just something different about being on the coast of Maine. It’s fresher, it’s bluer, it’s chillier? Whatever it is, it’s perfect for a backdrop. 

When we saw this little outcropping of rocks we asked them to step down onto it. Thankfully Emily is a pro in heeled boots and didn’t mind it. I think these are some of my favorite photos. The blue and yellow, mixed with the moodiness of the water and rocks…I don’t know, they’re all my favorite!

Also, I’m pretty sure you know you’re a photographer when you get excited about a patch of grass. Amy had a moment of excitement when she saw this little spot and we may have all taken a laugh at her expense 😉 But she was right! With so much ocean it made the perfect spot to take a break from strolling to sit and enjoy the fading sun for a moment. 

My favorite part about strolling engagement shoots is how many different “spots” we can fit into one session. The Marginal Way was like a playground for photographers. We actually passed another engagement shoot as we did Emily & Nick’s. Like I said, it was the perfect night. We waited in this spot for a little while in order to catch some splashing waves and again…favorite picture! I think anytime Nick had Emily laughing was my favorite moment…which was all the time!

Finally the sun dipped below the horizon and we took a moment to grab some final sunset moments before heading back to the house for a beautiful autumn evening bonfire. Emily and Nick, you two were wonderful. The easy way he makes you laugh. The way you hold onto each other during a kiss. Your love is evident and heart warming. We’re so excited for your engagement!

We hope you love your preview!
Love, Amy & Kay

October 20, 2017

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