Elegant Park Savoy Spring Wedding // Melissa and John are Married!

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This Park Savoy wedding gets me so excited…why? Because, it’s wedding season! The special months of the year when all the stars align and beautiful greenery, floral arrangements, fancy dresses and a huge party all happen together on one day…multiple times. It’s my favorite. If you don’t think weddings are that great…you probably should close this window now and go do something else because this page is not for you. I’m about to fill this blog with the most colorful ceremony, the cutest little ring bearer, and the most beautiful bridal party. It WILL make you smile, just wait.

We met Melissa and John a few years ago…back when Melissa’s sister got married. We instantly fell in love with their family and how much family means to them. This wedding was no different. Mom gave us as big a hug as she would her own daughter when we walked into the room that morning. Melissa and Jen gave us the biggest smiles and I distinctly remember Jen saying, “Alright ladies. We’re okay now, the Walker Sisters are here.” We are instantly welcomed every time into this big crazy world of family, and we love every second we can get with them.

The difference this day, was we also got to spend time with John’s family. When I entered that hotel room I realized he was not much different than her. John’s brothers surrounded him, with drinks and snacks, and tie assistance. 😉 I was even offered a drink more times then I can count… but had to remind them that they actually wanted my eyes to be open during the ceremony, not snoring over in a corner somewhere. Hah! This brotherly atmosphere was so amazing and it carried through the whole day. I always love getting into the quiet moments of the grooms day, being able to see his anticipation build up before the big moment. So much focus is always on the bride’s tears and the bride’s getting ready moments…but the groom has these moments too, you just have to know where to look for them.

We followed these two throughout the day, in and out of traffic, to the most amazing church I’ve ever set my eyes on. It had every color, every flower, a red carpet fit for a queen, blue stained glass windows on every side, and a golden altar. They couldn’t have picked a more beautiful spot to say “I Do.”

Now that they were married it was time for them to spend some a quiet moment together. Some one on one, no questions, no timelines, no duties, quality time together. That is something we ALWAYS make sure our couples get on their wedding day. These moments are the ones that matter -the moments where no one else is looking, but you. The moments where he is staring into your eyes with every bit of joy because you just said I Do to a lifetime together. Maybe the newest addition to your family comes around for a few snuggles too…but then even he went back to Grandma so John could hold Melissa close and seal the deal on a lifetime of love and happiness, with kisses under a flowering tree. <3

At the Park Savoy we knew it was going to be an amazing party with some epic dance moves, and some super sweet love songs. We were not let down. Melissa did a special choreographed dance with her father, swayed in the arms of her husband, and even the little kiddos decided it was more important to dance than to eat.

Thank you to the families of both these wonderful lovebirds for accepting us into this special day. Melissa and John you were a joy to work with, and we so hope to see you again soon!




Oh…one more thing…those amazing vendors involved:

(If you don’t see yourself listed shoot me a message and we’ll fix it asap!)

Photos: Us. heehee.

Venue: The Park Savoy

Church: St. Henrys Bayonne

Hair and Makeup: La Sorella Bridal Hair

Dress: Lotus Bridal


June 26, 2019

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