Cornering Chaos: The first step is to Begin.

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It’s almost the end of January… we’re a week away from the “beginning” of the year being done. And to me that sounds overwhelming. My to-do lists haven’t been crossed off (not even half way) and my goals for January are far from met. I’m an Oracle… if any of you know what that means (shout out to all those Project EVO followers out there dreaming the custom planner dream, created just for your brain type) it means:

“I gravitate toward the abstract and theoretical but focus on developing my ideas primarily in my mind, and then bringing them out to share with others when they’re more fully formed.”

So to me the idea of “works in progress” and “follow along with my story to see what happens!” is scary. The idea of showing you my “To-Do” list…as pretty as it may be designed…is scary. The idea of setting goals and aspirations with an accountability partner is scary. I’d rather draw out my ideas on a secret board locked away in my office until every single check box is checked.

If you are NOT anything like me then you’re probably wondering why the heck this is even remotely scary. Why?… because I’m slightly, honestly, truthfully, (now it’s going public) scared of failure. The failure that looks you in the face and says, “Seriously. You couldn’t just complete that by your due date?” The failure that doesn’t have to be judgmental or angry…sometimes it is wrapped up in a genuine hug that says, “Don’t worry. You still have time.” And THAT is my least favorite response…letting someone down (even myself) and receiving sympathy and understanding full of grace, because those people (Yes, myself) deserve better than my epic procrastination. So do you know what I tend to do more often than not… I never begin.

WHHHHHAAAAATTTTTT?!?! (Is that what you just said in your head?…) That is what my husband has said to me multiple times. He can’t even begin to imagine how not starting a project can sometimes feel better. He is a wake up at 6:00am every morning type of guy. The guy with a cup of coffee downed in 30 mins, news watched, gone to the gym already, showered and ready to start the day by 9:00am. By 9:00am…I am still trying to get my slippers on the right feet so I can make a cup of coffee.

But, this year is going to be different. This year I am starting off by telling the world my weaknesses, so we can all work through this together. This year your strengths will help me, and my honesty will (prayerfully) help you know you’re not alone. This year we’ve set MASSIVE goals for our business…like the goals that belong in the Scare Your Pants Off Club (…Arthur anyone?) From the outside, it might seem as though I’m cool with it, but inside I’m shaking harder than my toddlers head when I tell her she needs to eat her broccoli. In my mind, I’d rather not start writing one blog a week…because what if I miss one and throw off the whole schedule? Truth be told this post was supposed to be posted Tuesday…it is now Friday…it is not Tuesday anymore… BUT guess what? It’s still this week and that means that we have posted one blog a week this year…that’s a goal of ours…and WE’RE CRUSHING IT! (Just cheer with me a bit…you know you’re excited.)

What are some goals that you’ve made this year? I’d love to help keep you accountable throughout the year, because the Lord knows I need accountability in mine. Hahahah! (Feel free to tell me in the comments and I’ll follow up with you and your progress!)

I’ve got goals to declutter my home, my phone, my mind. Simplify my plans, my work, and my life. I don’t want to miss the little moments happening all around me because I’ve failed to plan the rest of my time. My husband used to work for Taco Bell (it’s actually a big part of our lives…you can ask me about it one day.) and amidst the hustle and bustle of tacos and burritos they had some pretty key phrases that have stuck with me ever since. Top fav: “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” Think on this for a minute…and apply it to every aspect of your life. If you fail to put gas in your car…you fail to drive to work on time. If you fail to prep healthy meals for the week, you fail to eat as healthy as you want. (yup…that one hits close to home -frozen pizza anyone?!?) And most importantly in my house, if my camera is no where to be found…I miss out on some of THE cutest photos around…because I’m too lazy to go grab it. I’m currently in the process of “Simplifying my Phone” (Also, another good reference: Simplify Your Life by Emily Ley… it’s my new go-to motivation for creating space in my life.) On my phone I realized have over 20,000 photos. Yes, those 0’s are correct…about 80% of them are blurry, under or over exposed iPhone photos of my daughters dancing in princess dresses or swinging on the tree swing. I technically can print them…but absolutely no larger than a 4×6 photo. BUT, what if I had put down my phone to pick up my camera for 3 solid photos capturing their joy and excitement? Those photos would be the ones I printed, hung on the wall and proudly showed off to the world. Those would be the photos that made it into their albums for a lifetime, to share with their kiddos one day. Not to say I didn’t take out my DSLR camera at all this year, I did. And I definitely have some of the cutest kids around. I took amazing photos of them at their aunties wedding. Kay took amazing photos of them playing in the water at the beach. I took sharp photos of them and their cousin against the clear blue sky in Acadia National Park. Kay took the most wonderful candids of them at their birthday parties.

But I want more.

MORE of those sweet sticky moments when my youngest falls asleep in her highchair. MORE of those quiet moments when I pass by all three of them snuggled up with their Daddy on the couch. MORE of the backyard shenanigans that you certainly cannot plan for in a photo shoot. I realized these are the “moments in between.” The moments when you would never have a Kay (my personal professional photographer). You can hire a photographer for the newborn shoot, and the one year, and even the birthday party…but what about the lazy Sunday afternoon when your daughter decides to take her first steps? Who will be there on the first day of school when she puts on her own shoes and joyfully waits outside for the bus to arrive? YOU. You will be the photographer and I want to urge YOU to watch for those little moments. I want to urge you to PLAN to document your child’s life. One day they will be climbing on the bus for their first day of school and you’ll be running inside to flip through the pages of their photo albums wondering where the time has gone. Therefore, since January is not yet over, you still have time to add one more 2019 Goal to your spreadsheet (lined paper, bullet journal, or massive chalkboard calendar tacked to the wall.) This is your goal for this year: 

Take MORE Photos.
Not just quick little iPhone shots (yes. These are good. I have nothing against iPhones here. Buttttt…..)

*QUALITY over Quantity. *
– Buy a real camera. (If you got one for Christmas that’s a bonus. Actually, make that part of your goals and then check it off instantly, It’ll feel so good.)
– USE your real camera.

All I’m saying is NOW is a good time to Begin. Don’t be like the old Amy. Don’t put off the start because you’re afraid of the work that’s involved. To be afraid to begin something that can be so good. Seriously, we want to help you get started. Tune into Instagram or Facebook for our FIRST EVER LIVE (see…told you I’m doing scary things this year) and we will answer any questions you have about Getting Started with your brand new camera. Kay can talk tech….I can talk reality of photographing children.

NEXT WEEK: Tuesday Jan 29th, Kay and I will be live at 4:30pm EST stumbling over our words, awkwardly laughing at each other as we do our first LIVE feed, and talking with YOU about beginning your goal, how to use your cameras, and the importance of the little moments.

If you miss it…you can replay it…but if you’re there…we’ll answer YOUR questions.

Now is the time to Begin. Begin with us.

<3 Amy (Your never short of words photographer.)

January 25, 2019

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