Cape May Engagement Shoot

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Hi Friends! Tonight, let us introduce you to Melissa & John. He proposed on Sunset Beach in Cape May, so of course when they asked if we’d make the drive for their shoot, we said yes! We’d been there for a family vacation once and before, and knew it had lots of beautiful backdrops in store for us.

I’ve also just figured out one of my favorite things about being a photographer…being able to have sunny, cheerful, sunshine-y photos available to post all year long. You see, it’s fall here in New England, but it is rainy, gray, gross, cold, and rather uninspiring outside. So, if you feel like your bone marrow is freezing over and the tip of your nose is turning red, scroll down through this post to see sunshine, smiles, a rather adorable baby bump, and a couple so in love that Sunset Beach put on quite a show of colors just for them.

Was that not amazing? The colors of the buildings, the vibrant flowers, the colors of the sunset, the Ben and Jerry giggle (it’s their favorite!). Soak in the warmth and get excited for their wedding when we’ll actually get to meet the little babe growing inside <3

Talk so soon!

Amy & Kay

November 9, 2018

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