Branford House Wedding // Anna and Eli

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A Branford House wedding by the sea, complete with a live painter, live music, and fireworks made this mansion wedding an experience to remember.

Fireworks show at a Branford House Wedding

It was a Saturday in October, as most weddings are. There was a slight chill in the air, because summer had put its’ warm self down for a rest until next year, yet the sun still cast a glow around our faces as we took in the view of this Branford House Wedding.

I don’t know what excited me more, knowing at the end of this day there was a grand surprise for the bride and groom to light up the sky, OR driving up the long drive to the Branford House with “ooohs” and “aahhhs” about the gorgeous landscape. This was indeed our first time to the Branford House. We’ve heard such amazing things about it, as well as seen so many gorgeous blog posts showcasing weddings from other local photogs. But, never in a million days did I think I would have to catch my breath while circling the grounds that morning. (Yes, we were carrying heavy bags too…heehee.) The 180 degree ocean view leading up to a vast lawn in front of the castle made us swoon. I certainly would’ve been just fine pulling up a chair right there to stare at the water all day.

EXCEPT, for my excitement to see how Anna and her mom had transformed the inside.

Making our way to see the bride in her getting ready room we passed elegant royal blue couches, paintings, and flower topped tables. (I also saw the espresso bar setup and “Sweets Table” that I definitely made a note of to check back on later.) Gina from Gourmet Galley spent hours and hours with Anna and her mom planning the details of this wedding day, and Jen of JS Stationery and Events helped her on the day of in transforming this mansion into an elegant lounge ready for family and friends to mingle and reflect back on the events of the day. It was stunning. Beautiful. Magnificent….really any of those words you’d find in the Thesaurus next to Amazing. AND THEN inside the getting ready room, was a bunch of gals chatting away with some seriously perfect hair and makeup. Oh, also…they were lounging on a seriously sexy, velvet pink couch – that Anna definitely had brought in just for her day. It was perfection to a T.

From her details of the venue, to the details of her ensemble, this day was planned with love.

Anna and Eli met in high school, and then later decided it was forever. I can be a witness to the fact that it is. The way he looks at her, and the way she smiles at him, is concrete evidence – they’re in love. Let’s do a CHEER for the high school sweethearts of America, because man are they adorable. Their ceremony was filled with this love, between the two of then and surrounded by all those that support it. They even planted a tree during their ceremony to signify the growth of roots in their marriage. This is totally something I would’ve done, if this kind of personalization was around 10 years ago. 😉 And to add even more personalization to their amazing day, Eli and his band played a set of songs during dinner!

Fast forward to the reception and we were surrounded again by the same family and friends, but now that love was bubbling over as the dance floored filled with smiles, grins, and the most joyful twirls and spins. After a few dance sets we took the bride and groom outside for some night shots to round out the evening. And boy, did it end with a bang. They were SOOOOO excited as their wedding night sky lit up with fireworks, gifted to them by the mother of the bride. Eli was grinning ear to ear, and I’m pretty sure I heard some happy squeals from Anna. We watched the whole show of lights as they spun, danced, and hugged each other.

I can only imagine their thoughts looking back on these photos, as exciting as they are to look at, the emotions wrapped around them are 100 times greater.

Congratulations Anna and Eli, we are SO SO SO happy we were able to be your trusty sidekicks for the day.

<3 Amy (& Kay)

List of our superstar vendors! The ones behind the scenes…who you may not have seen, but made this wedding into the fairy tale dream Anna and Eli deserved.

Venue: The Branford House

DJ/Amplification/Lighting: Sean Naughton
@djseannaughton // NuImage: @nuimageentertainment

Caterer: Gourmet Galley

Tent: Sperry Tents

Hair and Makeup: Kiss and Makeup

Videographers: Alpha Imagery

Bus “Chloe” Photobooth: Photobooth Planet

Dress: The White Dress by the Shore

Cake: I Need Sugar Therapy

Day-of Detail Coordinator: Jenn Strunk

Transport Services: Joshua’s Limousine Service

Justice of the Peace: Chaz Zezulka

Florist: Thames River Greenery – Charlotte H.

Live Painter: Rachel Miller

October 22, 2019

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