Best of 2018 Newborn Sessions

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WARNING!   This blog post WILL make you go “oooh, ahhh, and awwwww” a couple times over. It will make your eyes (at least mine) water with unbelievable joy that these oh-so-snuggly cute little nuggets made an entrance into our world in 2018. The amount of swaddling, diaper changes, mid photo session rocking (dancing?) sessions, and spit up on Kay’s shirt (yea…9/10 times they do that) ….alll that…and we would still do these all over again. It’s no secret, we love babies…so here are our 2018 #WSBabies…and some of their rad parents too, because come on; Parents do NOT get enough shout outs for all they do. Now, go enjoy these sweet faces, and tiny toes.

This little lady belongs to my best friend…and I think she stole a little piece of my heart. It’s also the day her big brothers fell in love (again!)

Another little princess graced us with her royally cute smiles, and pink tutus. We’ve been hanging with this family for quite a few years now and I couldn’t be happier for them and their newest addition.

Little man gave us three photos with his eyes open…then snoozed the rest of the shoot. He was -by far- the fastest baby to fall asleep in front of our cameras. And finished his session with the biggest stretch of all as if saying “Welp! My modeling is done for today!”

These are a few of my favorite things:
Newborn noses, tiny ears, little fingers, and wiggly toes. Why? Because they’re only newborn for a short while.

So in love with baby stretches…those may also top the chart as “fav newborn things.”

Grandma snuggles can’t be beat. Mom tip: If baby is fussy, hand it off to Grandma and let her do her magic.

Our most colorful newborn shoot to date…was thanks to this future gamer, some beautiful autumn leaves, and her unique stuffed friends.

Never underestimate the power of a great duvet cover and a mermaid tail.

And in case you were all taking bets…yes…I have a sweet spot for Daddy Daughter photos…who would’ve guessed. 😉

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all our families that called on us this year to document the little moments in their lives- like, literally, the smallest one in their family, heehee. Thank you for trusting us with these precious bundles of joy, while swaddling, singing, and swaying them to sleep (and stealing sweet newborn snuggles).

My heart is so full and so happy for all this joy that entered your lives last year, may 2019 be just as sweet and cuddly for you (with maybe a bit more quality sleep.)


Love, Amy (and Kay)
-your first babysitters-

January 9, 2019

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