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I just can’t move on into 2019 yet. There’s something I haven’t done. Something I haven’t showed you. Smiling, giggling, oh-so-friendly faces that I haven’t shared. So that’s why I’m posting this today. For your pretty chilly, not too sunny, just another Tuesday day.

Two years after his newborn shoot this little man was still shy at the start, snuggling into mommy and daddy’s shoulders not wanting to give us a hint of a smile. But, once he warmed up to us (again), we were thrilled to see this little man’s personality as he swung through the air and adventured through the woods. I love getting to see families grow and evolve and yet those same hints of personality shine through each year, no matter how old those kiddos grow. 

Another cool cloudy day brought us back to Edgerton Park in Hamden with a brand new Walker Studios family. We’ve never seen this little guy before, and now we sure are happy we got to meet him (and his mom and dad too of course.) He wasn’t even 6 months yet but he looks like he’s ready to take on the world. I probably wouldn’t even recognize him now with how fast these little miracles grow. Every moment is so precious I’m honored we were asked to freeze those little smiles in pictures forever along with the stamp of his would have been siblings little toes next to his. 

Ever heard of Wickham Park in Manchester? Go there. ASAP. Check out this view…it’s pretty rad.
So are best friends who call you every year to schedule their next family session. I’ve known these kiddos since before they were even born, and every photo shoot leads me flipping through their past shoots in amazement at how much these kiddos have changed.
And one of my fav photos to take at a family session, is a portrait of the parents WITHOUT their kids…because the Lord knows it’s hard to get one of those in the day to day. Sarah and Paul actually met working in Hartford…so it was only fitting to snap a photo of them with the city of Hartford behind them. <3

You’ve seen this family before. Near and oh-so-dear to my heart. Watching this spunky little girl grow into an amazing mama of two spunky little kids (one of whom made up his own poses during the shoot) is the sweetest thing to see.

Last but not least, this adorable little girl graced us with her presence this year. On ANOTHER chilly day in New England (we have a lot of those don’t we?) we visited Brooksvale Park and got a beautiful mix of rustic wood, green grass, and baby giggles. Like seriously let’s all raise a glass to baby giggles. (Those should be projected on loud speakers in the airports and during traffic jams.) We’re SUPER excited because we’ll be shooting her aunties wedding later this year so we get to see her all grown up…well, walking at least. heehee. 
These moments mean everything to me. There will be a day when this little lady can’t fit her foot into those pants. There will *probably* be a day where Jadon does NOT want to smile for the camera. Or a day when Daddy can no longer snuggle his little girl with one arm. People say families are forever… but I also believe families are forever changing. In just five years my family went from two people sitting on a couch with frozen pizzas and Seinfeld marathons to three kiddos wedged between us watching baby shark videos and Barbie on Netflix. In five years we went from taking selfies of the two of us in every location and restaurant we visited to taking a photo of LITERALLY everything our kids do (yes, I do have photos of them eating chicken nuggets…because its so dang cute right?) And of course, our family photos have drastically changed. Among all my decluttering and system changes around the house the one thing I will NEVER stop doing is taking photos of my kids. They are always changing, and to quote Aerosmith, “I don’t wanna miss a thing”.

Happy 2019 Walker Studios Families. We’re so thankful for those who joined the #WSFamilyForever and those who are yet to come! I can’t wait to see you all again (or meet you for the first time!) Don’t wait on me to take your photos though! Pick up your camera and get to shooting so YOU don’t miss a thing either.

<3 Amy

P.S. TODAY is the DAY! Instagram and Facebook will be hosting Us at 4:30 EST. Yes. We are doing a LIVE feed to answer ANY and ALL questions you have about your new camera…or how you wrangle your kids to get in FRONT of the camera.

Be there.

*Going LIVE THIS afternoon!* 4:30pm.

January 29, 2019

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