Beautiful Late Summer Wedding // Angelina and Rob

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September garden wedding at the Pond House Cafe in West Hartford. Photography by Walker Studios

It was an early September Wedding at the Pond House Cafe…

Nestled among the colorful gardens of Elizabeth Park in West Hartford, we felt as if we were dancing along the edges of a rainbow.

It was almost as if Angelina and Rob met with mother nature herself and decided to throw an epic end of the summer party. For this early September wedding the gardens were exploding with flowers in every color imaginable. I can honestly say I have never seen Elizabeth Park at this time of year. Angelina had asked us to find the best spot for their first look, full of flowers. We were pleasantly surprised at how easy that was! These two lovebirds, unknowingly, just opened my eyes to the beauty that September can hold. Usually, it is a time so hectic; filled with back to school tasks, back to work habits, and of course all the fall decorations hitting the shelves of Michael’s stores across America. I urge you to wait on those pumpkins and leaves for a bit and go take a stroll through the gardens near your home. You’d be amazed at the flowers still sporting their best frocks, not giving up on that golden sunshine yet. September wedding at the Pond House Cafe.

The decor of the day had fall colors peeking through without failing to highlight some of summers greatest blooms.

Angelina and Rob perfectly encapsulated what it means to have a late summer wedding! The bridesmaids were in gorgeous burgundy dresses for a nod to autumn while the reception room highlighted the sunsets of summer with sunflowers and succulents!  We thought we would be saying goodbye to warm weather but the clouds ran away that day leaving us with an 80 degree breeze floating around us all.

Angelina’s daughter was a part of the ceremony, pouring three sands into one vessel they signified that their lives were now mixed together forever and no man could separate them. Their small ceremony and reception were filled with their closest family and friends, and throughout the day they were able to take advantage of their time mingling with the people that matter the most. This is the true meaning of quality over quantity. We even had time to take advantage of the daylight after the reception and took some intimate pictures of the bride and groom with greenery all around. Can I just reiterate….we were NOT lacking in natural backdrops!

Angelina and Rob did not forget to bring their smiles or their personalities, which honestly, I expected nothing less from how fun their engagement shoot was. As a result we loved every moment of our time with them! It was certainly the best way to start our fall season.

Kay and I shared a romantic patio dinner of chicken and gravy mashed potatoes with our fave wedding drink, ginger ale, while the sun glistened across the pond. We couldn’t help but smile and say the word “literally amazing” 100 times as we talked about every part of the day. From the weather, to the flowers, to the ceremony, the couple, their portraits, and the desserts (ummm…yummmms) we couldn’t help ourselves from feeling genuinely happy for these two. They deserved every single second of it and more. You guys…. seriously congrats. We’re LITERALLY so happy for you.  September wedding at the pond house cafe. 

-Amy (and Kay) –

As always, love to the wonderful vendors!

Venue: Pond House Cafe

DJ: Bill from Local Motion

Hair: Deana Merola

Makeup: Chelsea Dae

Florist: Terry from Devine Orchid

Dessert: Creative Cakes by Donna

Dress: The White Dress by the Shore


September 13, 2019

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