Ashlynn & Ryan Engaged

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Remember those days a week or so ago that were super warm and springy…where the sunshine caressed your face making you want to take off your jacket and go plant some flowers in the garden?…Well, this day was not one of those days…this day was the day after where Mr. Freeze decided to come back for a visit and tried to turn everyone’s noses to ice. Generally these are the days you walk around a bit grumpy and complain about how “It’s supposed to be Spring…” and “I’m so over this weather…” but….Ashlynn and Ryan did just the opposite. We invited them outside into the evening sun that was ever so chilly, so windy, and so frigid but the only thing I noticed that day, were those amazing smiles they continuously gave us, and how much they seriously loved each other. Like seriously, Ryan is adorable (sorry for the lack of a manly word…but seriously. heehee). 

We met them on the Milford Green to utilize the only green trees I’ve really seen this time of year, a gazebo because that’s always a fav, and then we took a stroll down the sidewalk towards the shops and restaurants. 

At this point…we were pretty chilly, and they had been troopers…so we stole away to a corner cafe for some toasty cups of coffee. These steamy cups of joe were just what we needed to warm us back up, and get some cute ring shots sitting at a 2-top by the windows. Then we headed back out to the brick wall the barista ladies told us we had to get pictures in front of…they were right -it was a pretty great wall, with amazing lighting. 

To finish off the session we drove down to the docks as the sun was making its way towards the horizon. Kay got quite excited at this point due to the amount of sun flares and silhouette opportunities. Despite the cold March temperatures this day was amazing for getting to know Ashlynn and Ryan and their perfect modeling in front of our cameras.


Congratulations you two! We can’t wait to spend your wedding day with you too!

Amy and Kay  

March 15, 2017

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