Ashlynn & Ryan // November 18, 2017 // A Cozy Fall Wedding in MA

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It’s that time again…for a fall wedding blog! This one is a little bit later than the others, because we have a new website host and blog platform. We hope you hop around the new site and check it out, but first, Ashlynn and Ryan! We love when past brides refer us to their friends, because we know we will love working with them. That was no different with Ashlynn. Once she emailed us saying Nicole had referred her, we couldn’t wait to meet these two. Their engagement session was frigid, so although the wedding day was chilly, we’re pretty sure it was actually warmer haha.

We started in Ashlynn’s hotel room with a super cozy, relaxed, atmosphere. We love walking into that! Awesome bridesmaids for the win 🙂 We took the details out into the hall where the Colonial Hotel lobby had the perfect backdrop for us, as Ashlynn finished her hair up with all the ladies watching from the jacuzzi tub.

Ryan was down the hall with his guys, getting himself dapper for the first look. They each took a moment to read their cards and Ashlynn proudly got through it without crying through her makeup! It was super sweet, getting to hear her read it out loud. I always love the precious words written in the anticipation of the wedding.

Ashlynn and her girls finished the getting ready, slipping the bride into her gorgeous gown as both moms watched and helped where they could. Ashlynn most certainly should have felt like like she was being pampered. I don’t think I’ve seen so many people attending to the bride at the same time! It was actually really fun to watch them be so attentive and take care of her hehe.

Then…my favorite part! The first look. Thanks to the hotel, and their gorgeous staircase, we had the prime first look location. Ashlynn requested it and we were so okay with her decision. And first looks are always so adorable. The eyes light up. The smiles grow. The moment is memorable in it’s own right. We took that emotion outside into their bridal portraits, which are always super cute. I’ll let the photos do the talking for these two! We even managed to squeak the bridal party portraits out before it rained. Thanks again for being great sports and standing out in the cold!

After family photos and a few moments to freshen up, the ceremony was underway. Want to know the cutest part? Ashlynn’s grandfather was the officiant! We love that family touch. It was such a sweet ceremony and you could tell that everyone in the room was so happy to be there for the new Mr. and Mrs. Andersen (especially the newest Mr. Ryan Andersen as he watched his soon to be wife walk down the aisle towards him).

Once they were officially married we snuck the newlyweds outside for a few kisses, since they didn’t want to do that in their first look 😉 There can never be enough portraits, amiright?!

THEN onto my favorite part of the evening (just kidding, being with our couples is the best!). The details though, they really shine at weddings. The unique reception decisions of the couples, plus the rings of course! I also kind of love having dessert to put the rings on, like cake pops!

Well guys, the rest of the evening can best be told through the story of these photos. From entering into their first dance as husband and wife, to toasts, cake cutting, and parent dances. All these “traditional” moments that never get boring. I love them every time.

Of course everyone knows what comes after dinner! The party! This crowd had no lack of dancing skills. The bridesmaids actually super impressed us when they got out there on the floor. We can’t wait to see what the videographer captured. It’s going to be so amazing to watch 😀 Glow sticks lit the nice and feet danced away into the evening. Ashlynn and Ryan, thank you for entrusting us with your day, it was special and we loved being a part of it! Enjoy this blog sneak and we can’t wait for you to see all your photos!

<3 Amy & Kay

November 30, 2017

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