Andrea & Andrew // A Sunrise Snow Engagement

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I am obsessed with these photos. I don’t care who knows it. 😉 There’s always been something magical to me about freshly fallen snow, especially in the morning light. Andrea reached out to us with a previous brides recommendation and we are ever so thankful for that! Andrea and Andrew are not only getting married next year, not only have one of the cutest little kiddos around, but ALSO are living on her grandparents old farm-turned bed and breakfast. As soon as we saw photos of this place, we knew that a sunrise snowy engagement shoot was going to be perfect for it.  I mean look at the beautiful color of this barn!

We also knew this little family was going to be a perfect fit for us though. We can talk your ear off about how much we love family, but honestly these shoots with so many family ties in them, they dig deep inside our hearts. Andrea and Andrew are getting married right here, on this special farm. We super stoked to tell you they hired us to photograph the big day as well. We can’t wait to be able to share that with you this fall. For now though, take a look at the rest of their engagement shoot, because it was both beautiful and adorable.  Scroll all the way to the end to see the cutie I mentioned above 😉

Oh, also, her favorite color is purple…and we’d like everyone to take note how her color combo complimented the sunrise colors perfectly. That golden blanket? Stunning. That deep purple? So rich and beautiful. We could not have picked a better outfit if she’d asked us to <3

We can’t wait to come back when that lake isn’t frozen and the hillside isn’t covered in snow so we can go down to that bridge. You know I asked if they wanted to…we all decided it was safer not to in heels, which is fine…because I will definitely get them there on their wedding day 😉 It’s too idyllic not to!

Ready for it? Here he comes….the sweet addition to make this lovely couple a family of three (minus this dogs who were running around us in circles as well haha). He wasn’t too sure about the chilly weather and our new faces, but he did warm up eventually thanks to some throwing in the air by daddy. It’s always a winner when you need a smile.

Thank you Andrea and Andrew for letting us come spend the (early!) morning with you on your farm. Thank you for trusting us with these special moments in your engagement season and we are so excited to come back in the beautiful autumn colors to photograph you on a much more meaningful day!

<3 Kay & Amy

January 12, 2018

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