A Winter Engagement Session at Edgerton Park

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It was gorgeous. Everything we were hoping it to be. Their noses were rosy, her hair was curled perfectly, our fingers were chilly, but the sun was streaming through the trees that fine winter day.

We always talk about “looking back on memories” and “reliving past moments” and sometimes I wonder if I sound legit. Like, are you wondering if I truly believe what I am saying? Do you think when I’m writing I’m just spouting off fancy words because this blog gives me the space to do so? I hope not, but if you’re on the fence…let me give you a lift to the other side.

It’s late…the kiddos are asleep and my computer is the only thing illuminating the room. The TV isn’t even on because that would interrupt the moment. I rarely have music playing when I’m writing these blogs. First I scroll through the entire gallery of photos, then I go back through and choose my favorites. Revisiting the golden light, the cozy snuggles of our couples, and their contagious smiles as they stare into each others eyes. Seriously contagious…because I sit here all alone…smiling at my computer screen. Heehee.

Now imagine if it’s not me going through this gallery once again…but your children, and your grandchildren. If I – the photographer who may have met this couple two or three times before photos- can crack a grin and feel connected to this story of love, picture just how wonderful they will feel revisiting these moments of the past, remembering (or learning) who their grandparents were and seeing just how in love they really are.

That is why I stay up late. These photos are why I write blog posts. Their story is why we take photos.

Not for us. For them.

Winter Engagement Photos in New Haven Connecticut with Photography by Walker Studios LLC and Hair Makeup By Amy Lisi

As you look through these photos you should know I didn’t know this couple three years ago, and I didn’t know that he was actually quite silly, and she had the most perfect smile. I did not know how much she liked football and how much he must love her to let her wear an opposing jersey in his house. Now that I know them though, you should know that I will probably follow their Instagram into forever if they allow me to. I will clap with joy at their happy moments and cry tears of sadness during their sad moments. I will forever remember how they let us in to the most special of moments in their lives and will forever be grateful for that. They are part of the #WSFamilyForever.

~ Amy

PS. As I get to reminisce about these winter engagement photos where we frolicked in the snow… Kay is currently editing their wedding which entails a chilly yet sunny spring walk around the gardens of an ornately styled castle. Stay tuned. You will definitely want to see those photos.

Sunny, Warm engagement session at Edgerton Park in New Haven with photography by Walker Studios LLC and Hair Makeup by Amy Lisi


May 6, 2019

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