A Summer Engagement on the lake

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Since we seemed to have skipped fall…and entered right into the brisk winds of winter…I thought i’d warm everyone up today with a summery engagement shoot we did this year. Because, my toes are chilly, and your fingers might be cold, but the smiles on these two can warm up any room you’re in right now.

To you, this may look like just another set of woods we’ve decided to bury our couple in. But to Kelsey and Johnny…it is their future. It’s where they snuggle up on the couch by the warm cozy fire sipping the sweetest of apple ciders. It’s where they argue about who left all the kitchen cabinets open again, and who forgot to unfold the shower curtain so it doesn’t get moldy. It’s where they’ll welcome their family with open arms on holidays, and quiet weekdays all the same. These woods hold the footprint of their togetherness forever and we couldn’t have picked a better location if we tried.

This beautiful lakefront lot is where the walls of their house will be built, adjacent to Kelseys parents. You may have heard us say a few (hundred) times…how much we believe in family. Family is the patchwork that brings the whole world together. Family are the people that keep you going even when you feel like you want to stop. Family are the ones you can vent to on that chilly, cold, don’t feel like getting out of bed Monday morning. This location is #familygoals to Kay and I. We dream of living on a cul-de-sac together where our doors are always open and our porches always have a tart glass of lemonade ready to be shared. Kelsey and Johnny may not have started building their house yet. But their home has already begun to take shape.

And just because we really wanted to emphasize how important location is when building your house…we of course had to do a little dancing in the street. Heehee.

We wish you guys the best of luck with construction, placing all the outlets in THE perfect spots to be able to vacuum while also listening to your fav tunes, and of course the happiest life together in your perfectly gorgeous lake house.

October 22, 2018

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