Marianna & Joe // August 19th, 2017 // The Hempstead House, NY

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Oh Marianna & Joe, we were in love with your venue at first glance, but then were even more excited when we realized what amazing people you were. We’re so thankful to Matthew of Skyride Productions for referring us to these two lovebirds. We were honored to have been able to capture this wedding that had been planned to perfection. Marianna mentioned how she spent weeks and weeks planning things, (amongst work, and school, and studying) and I think the attention to detail throughout their wedding speaks volumes to that. Here’s some of the amazing details that went into the perfect wedding day!

First…the Hempstead House, one of the four mansions on the grounds of The Guggenheim Estate. Its vast grounds and gardens, magnificent architecture, and ornate detailing inside and outside led for a backdrop of stunning photos wherever we turned. It was perfect for styling Marianna’s shoes, dress, jewelry and of course her bridal party.   

Seriously though, aren’t those ties the cutest. The theme of the day was animals, if you couldn’t tell from those ties and the socks…and the cuff links! Heehee. We knew from the start they were animal lovers when they mentioned their cat Buttons in our first consultation, and also when they scheduled their engagement shoot for none other than the Central Park Zoo. Keep your eyes peeled for the other animal cameos throughout the reception. 

Marianna’s “getting ready” stage of the day took place in a grand room with sunlight streaming through the windows and a view of Long Island Sound out the great windows. Her friends surrounded her as hairspray filled the room and of course sparkling champagne bottles popped in excitement. Marianna even included glitter in her champagne toast by purchasing a Rainbow Glitter bottle of One Hope sparkling wine. This company inspires people to indulge and do good. Seems like a good combination to me! The best surprise of the morning though was a tower of Laduree Macarons. Vanilla, Pistachio, Cotton Candy, and Rose towered in sugary elegance. (With one offer from the bride I of course tried one of these and man oh man…they’d make anyone’s day bright and cheerful.) Finally, it was time to step into her Matthew Christopher gown and let all the ooo’s and aaah’s begin. 

It was hard to leave this gorgeous castle, but I ran over to Joe’s apartment because there was some serious business going on there too. 😉 For one, Buttons was there…and this little lady needed her picture taken on this special day. Also, Joe’s Mont Blanc cufflinks were sparkling in their box waiting for me to get a shot. (Marianna isn’t the only one to wear sparkles that day. Heehee) Once those were hooked in for the day, we chased Buttons around for a few minutes, because honestly we all know that cats run the show -not us. 

To continue the theme of flying buttresses, cathedral ceilings and ornate windows we went to St. Kevin’s in Flushing, NY to watch the wonderful ceremony of Marianna and Joe. It was beautiful beyond all imagination. And just in case it wasn’t beautiful enough, we ended it with a rainbow of bubbles as the bride and groom exited the church.  

Now back to the estate we went and perfectly arranged their formals in the window lit Breakfast Room of the castle. There was not a dark corner in there from the sunshine to the smiles and laughter. Marianna and Joe were able to have a moment to themselves to bask in their new titles as husband and wife, and have a little dance for the video. Heehee. 

During the reception, we snuck them back outside for some golden hour which was a-mazing. We will never say no to a golden hour opportunity…and we hope you don’t either. Haha. 

Back into the detail laden reception we were in awe of the bouquets, the place card holders, and the favor which were chocolate penguins…come on -perfection. The dance floor…was epic. With a glowing fountain in the middle, it felt as if were sent back in time to when dinner parties like this happened every weekend. When friends and family showed off their glitz and glamour. Joe and Marianna would’ve fit right in with this elegance. It was as if this venue was built for them. Although, instead of trying to wow their guests…their eyes were locked onto each others as if no one else was in the room at that moment. These are the moments I live for. 

With an epic fireplace as their backdrop the Maid of Honor and Best Man spoke to these two with words of love, and encouragement for their futures together. Most importantly, how there is ALWAYS room for Love. <3 

With all the formalities aside, Marianna and Joe broke out into full on dance mode and their guests jumped in right beside them. Every corner of this stone courtyard was filled with twists and twirls and some pretty one of a kind dance moves. 

Oh and did we mention…there was Cotton Candy at the end of the night. (Bubble Gum flavored! -insert whatever emoji you find perfect for this..Marianna would PROBABLY choose the cat with heart eyes…honestly I would too. heehe) 

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. We are so so so happy you chose us to be a part of your wedding day and cannot wait to work with you again in the future. 

Alsooooooo -Thanks to all the amazing vendors who made this day possible:
Flowers: Petals and Roots
Hair and Makeup: Beautini by Blo 
DJ: Beat Drop Entertainment 
Venue: Jackie at The Sands Point Preserve 
Wedding Coordinator: Jeanenne of La Bella Planners
Cake: Butter Cooky Bakery 
Catering: Chef Noah’s

Amy & Kay

September 1, 2017

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