Molly & Casey Engaged // Yale, New Haven

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Hello Gorgeous!!!! (Yale, New Haven, Summer, Molly and Casey…literally everything was gorgeous this day.) We followed these two through the dynamic pathways of Yale in and out of rough stone buildings, ivy laden walls, and carved stone reliefs glaring at us as we walked below their archways. No matter how many times I visit this part of the city I always see something new. These walkways mean something special to these two, because they are both going through Grad school together at Yale. The memories they’ve made here they can hold onto forever. 

And apparently their best man is from around here as well because he perfectly photobombed their session scooping up his groom on the bridge for a keeper of a photo. Heehee. 

After a quick outfit change we began to stroll through one of our favorite courtyards near the Sterling Library, dancing through the grass, and holding hands just like it should be on the perfect date night. Then we headed down towards the arts district on Chapel street. Ironically enough we passed right by the jewelry shop where Molly’s ring was from. So, of course we had to do another ring shot near those windows. 😉  

And to top off the evening we ended up at their fav fav fav date spot, Arethusa. Apparently many of their date nights end at this ice cream shop….and I can fully understand why…because I’ve tasted this fine dessert before and it is not easily passed up. Molly is an official fan…like if there was a fan club she would be the president of it. So naturally we needed a picture in front of that shop!

Thanks so much Molly and Casey for showing us around Yale yet again, and letting us document a little bit of your love story. (If you ever need someone to join you at Arethusa pleassseeee let me know. heehee) Congratulations on the engagement and we wish you only the sweetest of blessings for your wedding day and all the years to come!

July 7, 2017

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