Kim & Dave Engaged

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We first met this adorable couple…on this day. Seriously, I wish we met them years ago. They were perfect, superstar models, who obviously…are quite in love. We met them at Elizabeth Park in Hartford to usher in springtime with greenery galore and a garden of tulips. Flowering trees framed Kim and Dave with pinks and whites, and all their smiles made it very hard for us to capture a less than perfect photo.

Among our walk through the gardens I fell in love with these two even more as we chatted about cheesecake for their dinner plans that night. This made me smile because one thing Kay and I long for is for each and every one of our couples to ENJOY their time of engagement. We long to hear stories of exciting wedding plans, and cake tastings and venue visits because this time should be exciting! And among one of these events is a couples engagement session and we try from the bottom of our hearts to make it a memorable experience for everyone. So go do your hair and makeup, buy a brand new dress, wear those heels you would never wear elsewhere….and then after our time with you is through keep holding hands as you walk back to your car and laugh about all the silly poses we made you do. Then…go out to dinner and have that bottle of champagne to celebrate the two of you. These are the moments you remember, the photos that warm your heart because the experience was one to remember. Kim and Dave didn’t just make us a part of their checklist to do before the big day. They embraced this session 100% and naturally fell into the roles of “two people in love taking a stroll through the park” (with two photographers capturing their every move.) 

Quick note about sunshine…it does not cooperate all the time…but honestly who can tell with these beautiful photos. Kim and Dave sat patiently under the vines as we waited for the clouds to roll by. They didn’t seem to mind one bit as they were chatting to themselves at the top of the stairs. This goes to show that the weather doesn’t make a perfect session, the couple makes the photos. And this couple was …what’s that word I use too much…oh yea…PERFECT. 

Kim and Dave if I had met you years ago, I would have told you that no matter the budget, I would fly to Key Largo for your wedding day, just so I can see how happy you two are as you exchange your vows and begin your lives together. Kay and I seriously wish years upon years of happiness and laughter, and an amazing amount of cheesecake in your lives. Thanks so much for spending your evening with us. We’ll never forget our walk in the park with you guys. <3

Congratulations! <3 Amy and Kay 

May 10, 2017

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