Harss Wedding // May 12th, 2017 // New Haven Lawn Club

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The Harss Wedding//May 12th, 2017// New Haven Lawn Club in New Haven, CT

Jen & Joel were married on a perfect spring day, the day before a weekend of pouring rain. I remember praying for rain for Mothers Day weekend…just so this Friday wedding could be brilliant. My prayer was answered because this amazing couple got the clear blue skies they deserved. (Sorry mom, we’ll do the beach next year.) 

The first part of our day is always filled with the details of the day. Before the bride puts on her dress and straps herself into her shoes, we are able to get another glimpse into her life and who she is. Jen’s dress was sheer elegance, a simple design of pure white fabric with an elegant belt. When she put it on you would have thought it was custom made for her with how perfectly it fit. Her shoes and jewelry accented the gorgeous hair and makeup she had done that morning. And among all the glitter of her bridesmaids dresses she stood out as the star of the show…which of course she should be.  

The New Haven Lawn Club itself boasts a splendid elegance. It’s a beautiful venue that’s quite dear in our hearts. Kay was married there herself just about a year ago. Returning again to be on the other side of the lens was spectacular. The ceremony and reception room holds a floor to ceiling mirrored fireplace glowing with more candles then you can count. On this day it was expertly decorated with gold vases and greenery perfectly accenting Jen’s bouquets and bridesmaids.  

Even the getting ready rooms are gorgeous! The wooden paneled walls are a warm and comforting backdrop to the excitement that is constantly building in the beginning of the day. Jen and her ladies had their priorities right as you can tell by the writing on their shirts. Each of them was so helpful to her needs I didn’t feel a drop of stress in that room. The gentlemen themselves, in their newly renovated Study, were calmly chatting waiting for the formalities to begin. He was so ready to see her and with his laid back personality there wasn’t much worry on his end. He wanted to just spend the day by her side. 

I walked Joel outside to our first look spot and reminded him that this moment was for him. Not for us, not for our cameras or timelines…but for him. He definitely made it his moment. The way he looked at her (and couldn’t stop looking at her) was true love for sure. In this quiet moment as we stepped back, his smile was never ending. I mean…how could it not be…look at her in that dress! 

Once they were ready to look at us again we began our stroll around the grounds of the Lawn Club. Under the spring green trees, through the picture perfect brick walkway, and around the building to an epic brick wall covered in vines. This was our favorite spot of them all…if you can’t tell by the selection of photos that are 100% gorgeousness. 

Just as important as the bride and groom are the bridal party members! Without them, the morning just wouldn’t be the same.  Especially this group which was laughing and dancing before the ceremony even started. So of course we invited them out to this amazing spot and dressed up the wall with fancy suits and glittering gold. 

The girls requested the cover shot from “Bridesmaids”. I think they nailed it!

In case you weren’t tired of looking at photos of this gorgeous couple yet….we had a sweet deal of extra time before the ceremony so we snuck a few quick indoor shots in too! The best part about this venue is that whether inside or out, there are a plethora of spaces worthy of our cameras. 😉 

After a nice break, primping, and good conversation, the guests had arrived and it was time to start the ceremony! As the curtains rose Jen walked down the aisle with her father, before being handed over to her groom to be. We found out during the ceremony how romantic Joel is. He proposed to Jen in their newly purchased house, during a surprise housewarming/engagement party. Their friends and family were there to witness Joel’s commitment to Jen and the beginning of their lives together. And now, again in front of family and friends, they lovingly delivered roses to their mothers and Joel’s grandmother as a thank you for all they’ve done in their lives, bringing them to this amazing day. With the exchange of vows and rings, the smash of a glass, and a kiss, these two sealed the deal on their marraige promising their love to each other forever. 

Remember how I said this place was elegant? Just check out the details to follow… gold and glitz, candles and chandeliers, and with the perfect uplighting…it was a dinner party you wish you were invited to. As if that weren’t enough…their guests were also able to end their evening with a delicious variety of Nora’s cupcakes. Who doesn’t like that? 

After the guests were seated and the bridal party was announced we began the reception with a lovely first dance, toasts from the father of the bride, maid of honor, and best man, and parent dances…which if you know me…make my eyes water every time. 

As promised, by Joel himself, the dance floor came alive with moves only he can do. Friends and family couldn’t hold in their laughter as they watched him break it down to each beat, no matter the song. I can’t explain in words the joy that filled this room, all I can say is that if Joel ever invites you to one of his parties…don’t say no…you’ll regret it forever if you do. 

Thank you Jen and Joel for inviting us to be a part of your wedding day. We enjoyed every second of our time with you and couldn’t be happier for you two. Enjoy your life together as Mr. and Mrs. Harss! -Amy and Kay 

Of course this wedding couldn’t have been the same without the amazing vendors all working together as a team:

Video was shot by the one and only Kevin, of Kevin Lee Studios
Hair and Makeup  by Amber Papastavros.
Floral arrangements and bouquets were created by Diane Gaudett Custom Floral Designs
Cake and cupcake deliciousness made by Nora Cupcake Company
Reception Music brought to you by ETA Music
Uplighting set up by Mike of Mike Connolly Sound Productions
The perfect organization and coordination of the day by Christine Brush of The New Haven Lawn Club


May 19, 2017

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