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The Berkshires, spring greenery, and tree swings were all a part of this engagement shoot. We met Jordy and Greg at their parents house in the wooded area of the Berkshires where I have now decided I would also like to have a house. Breathtaking does not even begin to describe the landscapes around us. Every corner was a picture perfect backdrop for our couple. And Addie had a good time as well running in and out of poses. She did amazing considering all the distractions the woods can have.   

I did learn a new trick to dog wrangling …carry a bag of rotisserie chicken with you, and when your adorable pup isn’t listening yell “Chicken!” and she’ll instantly come bounding into the frame. Heehee. Worked everytime! Not to mention the genuine smiles that come out when you start getting chicken kisses from your furry friend. 

The wooded paths were the perfect location for these two. Jordy has been coming here her entire life and now is beginning a new chapter with Greg and Addie. This field will begin to be full of new memories as their family grows and changes. I know it. In the seclusion of the trees I witnessed first hand the relationship these two have and it is pure bliss. The joy and love that was overflowing this day is what creates this amazing relationship that will last forever. 

Kay and I are super excited we were able to do engagement photos with these two, seeing how in a year we get to hang out with them ALL DAY as they say their marriage vows and dance the night away at Gedney Farm. Back to the Berkshires we’ll go with these two and now we know who they are, and how awesome they are in front of our cameras! That’s why we love doing engagement photos ya know…because we get to see what makes our couples click, we get to see the way they connect with each other while we become a bit like paparazzi around them. By the time we get to the wedding day we’re basically best friends and our couples barely notice our presence. They are so comfortable with us and trust our every move that the stress factor of the day is brought down 110%. Trust us…and ask them. Not one of our reviews is a lie. 😉 

Jordy and Greg walked with us through an open field, down tree covered paths, and onto a glistening lake with crisp blue skies. As Addie ran around them, in and out of the water, Jordy and Greg had a chance to slow down and gaze out across the lake. Despite the chilly winds that were coming in, Jordy and Greg continued to laugh, and we captured picture perfect smiles on the docks before heading back into the woods. 

We found a few more spots for Jordy and Greg to sit before we wrapped up their session. Addie though was not quite done at the lake. After realizing she hadn’t followed us back up the path yet, Greg began calling for her. Just as we were about to go hunt her down we saw her bounding through the ferns. With a big doggy smile across her face she kindly delivered a pungent smelling fish head to her parents. Jordy wasn’t very thrilled with this…let’s just say fish are not her favorite things. Addie continued to play with this fish as we walked away, then found the second half of this fish as well. Needless to say, this moment will forever be a humorous memory for all of us of our engagement session walk through the woods. 

Thank you for inviting us into your special places Jordy and Greg. The Berkshires are amazing and I cannot wait until we see you again for your big day!

<3 Amy and Kay 

May 15, 2017

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