Jen & Ryan // October 28th, 2017 // A Mystic Wedding

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Sometimes it’s hard for me to know where to begin with these blogs…because these short paragraphs are such a small summary of the vast amount of emotions on a wedding day. And this day was like no other. So here I go trying to sum up an amazing day into one little blog post that hopefully will be read in it’s entirety. Because it deserves to be…not for me…but for this amazing family.

Jennifer told me from the first phone call we ever had, just how much she valued her family. And I understood exactly what she meant…I mean…I do work with my sister. I do live 4 minutes away from my parents…and I do have quite the little (not-so-little?) family of my own started up. Heehee. I guess you can say I enjoy the company of my family…and Jen is exactly the same. With each phone call and meeting we had with Jen and Ryan, we grew more and more excited for their wedding day. It was in Mystic right on the water…at the Mystic Art Museum, with none other then a Photography exhibit lining the walls of their reception hall -how fitting! 😉

Her day began with the closest of her family members. As the makeup finished up, and dresses were steamed, everyone could feel the excitement building up in the house. Her gorgeous lace dress set the tone of the day, and perfectly enough, it matched her invites too!

Jen’s mother and sister were close by the entire morning and of course were there to help her into this beautiful gown. She was full of smiles as button by button the day started to become “real.” Her nerves were adorable. Little giggles escaped her while we talked about what Ryan must be doing wandering about the reception hall. With time to spare she was able to sit quietly in her room and listen to the hustle and bustle of family members throughout the house getting ready to take part in her day. The final touches of jewelry put on. Continuing traditions with a shared Tiffany Blue purse used in all her friends weddings and linking generations together, she slid her grandmothers ring on her right hand. Then she was ready…

Ready to show her daddy her perfect white dress.

This moment couldn’t have been any better. There was an American Muscle Car, there was a proud father happily letting tears stream down his face, and there was a bride-to-be so deeply rooted in her family that she wanted to give everyone of them their own special moment throughout her day. They hugged a real hug. An “I’ll always be your daughter” hug, and a “I’ll never let you go” hug. I would be lying if I said I didn’t tear up…standing in the driveway as an outsider, I felt that daddy/daughter connection that is seriously my favorite thing ever.

They took a drive around town before heading to the venue for the ceremony. With another moment of her time, Jennifer slowed down the pace of the day and pulled her grandmother aside to give her a corsage. She didn’t hand it off to some coordinator to slap on, she lovingly slid the flowers on her wrist whiled thanking her…for being the matriarch of the family, for being there for her on her special day. Jennifer summarized, for me in that moment, what a wedding day is all about. Its a celebration of family and friends, old memories and the creation of new ones, and the joining of two families into one. Throughout the ceremony it was evident that BOTH of their families were so excited this wedding day was happening. Most of all though…Ryan could not stop looking at his beautiful bride. He makes her smile and she makes him grin. CONSTANTLY.

I don’t need too many words for the pictures to follow. The sunset -was painted for them. The wind -in that veil! *GASP* -it blew perfectly for her. And Jennifer and Ryan were made for each other, this makes my job easy. Heehee …because when they are this madly in love….the smiles and kisses and loving stares happen naturally.

The harbor was the perfect backdrop for their portraits.

And the venue was the perfect housing for all their vivid details. The colors in the flowers though…aren’t those AMAZING! The more saturated they are, they more they pull on my heart. 🙂 And apple cider…you’ll always win me over with apple cider. ha!

With a grand announcement as MR. and MRS. and a smooth first dance, the reception had begun. Friends and family watched these two sway across the dance floor, even though they were lost in a world of their own. With another moment of reflection, Jen thanked the crowd, showing me yet again how full of love they are for their friends and family. The toasts pretty much nodded to this fact. The maid of honor and best man mentioned how honored they were to know the bride and groom for all these years. (And with the MoH being her sister…you can tell they’re best friends.)

The father daughter was a fun show to watch as they danced a well practiced number. 😉 After Ryan and his mom had their special moment on the floor, we migrated towards the delicious looking cakes to watch that first cut slide through the fondant flowers, and quite neatly be shared between the two.

The dance floor was alive before the dance music had even begun! Everyone was excited to show off their moves…or perhaps just enjoy some crazy memory making with Jennifer and Ryan. Whichever it was…it was fun to watch! Everywhere I turned, people were exploding with laughter making some pretty solid photo opportunites.

With a few more rounds on the dance floor we ended our coverage of Jennifer and Ryan’s wedding day. But, we definitely have not ended our relationship with these two. I will forever remember this day as one full of love for their family and friends, and at the end of the day we felt like part of the family too.

Congratulations Jennifer and Ryan!

Love, Amy and Kay

Oh…and the vendors for this great day…right here below:

Venue: Mystic Museum of Art
Videographer: Kevin of Kevin Lee Studios
Hair/Makeup: Miranda of Sage Spa CT
Catering: Gourmet Galley

November 5, 2017

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