Maria & Adam // September 29th, 2017 // The Publick House in Sturbridge, MA

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September 29th started off chilly, and we got excited. Maria and Adam were getting married and they’d have a beautiful fall wedding after these weird warm days! The Publick House in Sturbridge, MA is turning into one of our favorite Massachusetts’ locations. The historic inn creates a beautiful backdrop for a dress shot, or even the first look. Maria’s dress looked stunning on this classic white porch! Also, check out that lace on her dress!

If you know Kay by now, it makes sense that she spent quite a bit of time with the sparkles, but you can never have enough photos of that bling! You can also always guarantee she will look for a reflective surface 😉 With all the time and energy put into the minute details of the day, they should be just as perfectly documented as the ceremony itself.

I was back in the room with Maria and the ladies as she got ready for the big day. There were a few nerves but the excitement was visible. The girls were smiling ear to ear as their glamorous wardrobes began to come together.

Her Sister Sam, helped Maria get her final touches on before she walked out to show her bridal party the final look.

Mom came in first to see her little girl then Maria entered the room. Tears started to flow and one bridesmaid had to turn away and look out the window so as to not make Maria cry too! My favorite moment of the day? When the flower girl’s jaw dropped and ended in a face palm as soon as she saw Maria. “Too beautiful to even handle!” hahaha. It was amazing to witness.

Adam was over in his room with the boys, getting fancy, and maybe a little bit nervous for the first look. He had to run around and open a few windows up after we started talking about the wedding itself. I guess the moment i walk in the room everything gets a bit more real.

After he was all snazzed up, I pulled him aside to a separate room to open his wedding gift from maria. What he didn’t know…was Maria had done a boudoir shoot with us earlier this year to surprise him with on the wedding morning. You can see from his face below how well it was received 😉 He was over the moon excited that she had managed to pull off this surprise for him.

then it was time to see this lovely bride to be. He was nervous, she was excited. Their first look was a genuine ball of “Oh my word you are gorgeously handsome and I Love You.”

I mean…come on…How darn stinkin cute are these two. Their portraits were flawless because there was no need to pretend to be in love. These genuine smiles are what makes our job so amazing. Adam couldn’t stop looking at his lovely lady.

First look with dad, always super cuteee. I have a soft spot for these moments, and for sure always will.

The flower girl snuck in for another cute photo op then it was Nonno’s time to shine. He didn’t want to stop looking at Maria and it was seriously one of the cutest things. He said he would rather look at her!  Little did we know he was going to be the star of the show later during the dancing! Maybe we’re biased towards grandparents because we love capturing generations in one photo…but how can we not be when they’re like Nonno!

We took a few moments with the bridal party then let them all go inside to refresh before the ceremony. Did I mention these colors were glorioussssss for this time of year?!

Since we’d done the first look we had some time to shoot details while we waited for the guests to arrive and be seated for the ceremony. The staff at the Publick House are amazing and the entire reception was all set up and ready so we got to work shooting it. These floral arrangements were seriously perfect for both the space and for Maria and Adam. They were simple yet the beautiful fall colors made the centerpiece pop.

Soon after, it was just about time for the ceremony. Maria walked down the aisle with her dad, straight to Adam, who stood waiting with a smile on his face. One look at him and you could tell that he’d been waiting for this moment for a while.

Their beautiful ceremony was made extra special with the writing of their own vows. While Adam held in emotions during Maria’s you can see she cracked up laughing at a certain vow that promised to pinch her butt when she wasn’t expecting it. The whole crowd got a laugh out of that one, including us!

A kiss sealed the marriage and they turned, hand in hand, to head down the aisle as a newly married Mr and Mrs!

While guests attended cocktail hour, we used the setting sun as an excuse to slip off with the couple for one more set of portraits. They took the quiet space and had a moment under the archway relishing in the fact they were married. After a little bit of a twirl we took them to the top of the hill to take advantage of the last remaining light from the setting sun. These probably ended up being my favorite photos out of all their portraits. Maria and Adam relaxed right into each other and there was no denying the love they were feeling for each other was true love.

After a moment alone we headed back to the reception to celebrate with family and friends. With the first dance, some seriously amazing toasts, and their cake cutting they began the celebration. everything was perfect just as should be for these two.

And because these rings were so pretty we had to steal them for a few more photos…and why not borrow the cake topper while im at it.

together they danced with mom and dad, making this song extra special as they celebrated in this moment together. They sure did look happy about todays events. 😉

And then…you know what time it was. Time to kick off the shoes, flood the dance floor and let your legs shake til you couldn’t stand anymore. Hello high fives, flailing arms, twirling dresses and Nonno! This reception lacked nothing. Even the flower girl showed off her finest moves.

Maria and Adam…thank you thank you thank you. We wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else this Friday. Congratulations and enjoy your wonderful life together as Mr. and Mrs.

~Amy (and Kay)~

Oh and this amazing wedding ive been talking about…would be nothing without all the awesome vendors listed below:

The flowering Vine: ummm those amazing boquets….. <3
Champagne Toast Entertainment: Don. The Man.
The Publick House: the venue that housed all the fun.
Kathy and Angela for the gorgeous hair and makeup.

October 4, 2017

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