2. WS Weekly Wanderings-Snow, shoots, and more snow

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Our WS Weekly Wanderings recap is here!

Since it’s still December, you know what that means…more of Kay’s favorite things. Landscape photos in the snow. I was actually driving home from a shoot and could not resist the draw of the sun streaming through the trees. So I found a parking lot and grabbed my camera to shoot these. I remember a few years where it felt like we were waiting for snow until January, so while I may be in the minority, I am a fan of all this white this year.

Funnily enough, these little orange bushes I found outside a coffee shop, glowing in the midday sun, became my favorites out of the whole day. I love abstract things like this, with tons of bokeh, and lots of glow. I feel like they just make great art pieces to hang in the home! Maybe one day soon I’ll get around to listing them for sale 😉

Also in our wanderings…we had quite a few shoots back to back so here’s just a few behind the scenes! Amy’s girls are gems for putting up with being dragged everywhere, although we did feed them tacos and let them watch youtube on Uncle Ricky’s phone, so I don’t think they minded too much. Makaela counting on her fingers is seriously the cutest thing so I had to include it. Then we hit up our fave restaurant , Heirloom for some more brand photography.

And last but not least…it’s not winter if you don’t partake in some sledding, am I right?! So here’s a few cuties dressed in pink, having their first sled rides at their new house 🙂

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As I mentioned in the first weekly wanderings post, our goal for 2020 is for you to get to know us as much as we get to know you!

Talk so soon!

Kay (& Amy)

December 18, 2019

  1. Stephanie says:

    THOSE SNOW PICS!!! <3 <3 This feels like the old days, taking pics just for fun and commenting on blogs 🙂

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